Angel Obinim transfigured to Eagle with iron wings to kill Prophet Kofi Amponsah

Angel Obinim transfigured to Eagle with iron wings to kill Prophet Kofi Amponsah

Equivocal written specification reaching the corridors of through analyst shows that, Angel Bishop Obinimcontemporaneous Orchestrated “Cement Punishment” to his Church member because of a lotto number , has sparked a battled of words between two Ghanaian Kumasi based Prophets.
Prophet Kofi Amponsah, the leader and founding President of House of Ezra Prayer Center, Worldwide Ministry, which was before associated with the Church of Pentecost, blasted Bishop Daniel Obinim, that he will not allow him to destroy Christianity in Ghana with his lotto numbers in the house of God, it is unbiblical he stated.
According to, this remarks - interpose expressing of opinion from the Ezra Prayer Center leader and Founder has generated apoplectic action between the two Prophets.
Bishop Daniel Obinim, Founder of International God’s Way Church also known as Angel Obinim has send diagonal warning signal to Prophet Kofi Amponsah for spiritual battle, he should come and crash him (Obinim).
For Angel Bishop Obinim, he will turn to about 15 different things, first as smoke - visible suspension of carbon in the air and position himself in-front of the other Prophet (Amponsah), due to that, he will not be able to see properly. Then behind the opponent's back as fire. Due to that he (Kofi Amponsah) can neither go front nor back, so he will remain in the middle.
Watch Obinim's Video Below:
Then, from his right side, he will turns to "Lion" and left side as "Tiger".
After all these spiritual metamorphoses, he (Obinim) will then turn to "clouds" to occupy the sky, water drops or ice crystals floating in the sky and then transfigure to eagel with iron wings, which he will use to strike Prophet Kofi Amponsah spiritually.

Obinim transfigured to Eagle with iron wings to kill Prophet Kofi Amponsah

Obinim's Apoplectic Made Him Strikes Prophet Kofi Amponsah diagonally

Bishop Obinim's Spiritual Metamorphoses Will Kill Prophet Kofi Amponsah

Obinim's Spiritual Metamorphoses To Kill Prophet Kofi Amponsah

Bishop Angel Obinim Angry With Prophet Kofi Amponsah


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