Doli Armaano Ki Episode 411–412 Update on Wednesday 9th May 2018 – Ishaani neglects Urmi at her function and Damini feels good

Doli Armaano Ki Episode 411–412 Update on Wednesday 9th May 2018 –  Ishaani neglects Urmi at her function and Damini feels good

Diya comes in Shaurya’s cabin and transfers halwa from box to a lunch box and hides the box. Shaurya comes in and gets surprised seeing her. She giveshim halwa saying her mum made for him. She asks him to taste and says she had to go so far to buycarrots. Shaurya likes it. He sees the box, but stays quiet. Diya then reminds him that her gift for covering one of the cases is still pending. He asks what he can do for you. Diya, with slight hesitation, asks him to let her handle the hit and run case. He says Rakesh, other reporter, is handling it and that’s final. When leaving, he tells her to take her box too that she hid. Cheeku gets shocked Diya. He asks she resigned right? What she’s doing there then? She says, so? that was yesterday. Today she joined again.
NGO group is waiting for Urmi as cops are not listening to them about handing over s** workers to them. Ishaani comes there instead Urmi and tells the cops that they are registered NGO group and they have right to involve in such cases. The cop says they raided here and first they will take all of them to police station. Ishaani shows permission from commissioner and then finally cops let NGO group handle the case. Ishaani asks NGO ladies if they need any help, but they say no. Ishaani leaves. Soon after Urmi comes there. NGO ladies inform her Ishaani came and solved everything. Urmi gets surprisingly happy. NGO ladies say she is like Urmi’s shadow. They take all ladies to their place and call their relatives to take them. The ones that don’t have any relatives or don’t care, Urmi tells NGO workers to send to woman rehabbing center. One lady asks Urmi to tell her what they will do with her as well. Urmi asks her if any relatives. The lady says she has no one, and she got this profession from her mother.

She’s born to do this only, so she better leave her alone. Urmi asks she must know some relatives. The lady says all she knows that her mother was from Jhansi and shows her photo. Urmi gets shocked seeing Gaurav’s first wife, Rashmi’s, photo.

Later, she meets Gaurav and hesitantly shows the photo to him which shocks him as well.
Diya is still not giving up to let the case go. She tells Shaurya that driver is not responsive for the accident. They are just trapping him in that. Their servant knows and that is why they are not letting her take his interview. Shaurya asks how she knows? Was she sitting in car that day as well? Diya says it’s not funny. Today they tried to threaten her. Shaurya asks how much she will lie in one day. Diya says she’s not lying, but he doesn’t believe her. Rakesh comes and gives the case file to Shaurya saying the driver is responsible only. Diya can’t believe. She asks if he took servant’s interview. Rakesh says yes. Shaurya stares at Diya and givesthe case file to Cheeku to print it in tomorrow’s edition. Diya still can’t digest this and decides to find the exact truth as it’s about their newspaper reputation.
She calls her friend to get Rakesh’s calls logs, but she doesn’t pick up. She decides to meet her personally. Her bike doesn’t start. Shaurya sees and asks what problem came in her life now. She says she has to go cover some story. Shaurya says he’s going to same side and says he’ll drop her. They are going in car and someone stops his bike in front of their car. He removes helmet and stares at them.
Episode starts with gaurav and urmi having a chat abt some prostitute and he comes to know its no one other than the daughter born to him and Rashmi..he is sad…
Ishaani gets selected for some beauty course in Paris and all rejoice…
Dia meets her BF who asks her why she took lift from Shaurya when she can as well as come by auto…
At office Dia catches hold of some colleagues mobile and copies all imp data from his mobile…
Episode ends with fight between Dia and Karan as dia refuses to go on date with him as she is busy with her work…
PRECAP…Ishaani neglects Urmi at her function and Damini feels good..

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