Fans troll Davido’s girlfriend, Chioma: ‘She has been disowned by her parents’

Girlfriend of Nigerian singer Davido, Chioma has been the center of discussion of late after her lover decided to make her a public figure overnight. 

Chioma romantic relationship with Davido is one that is rocking the nation right now and she was even treated to a Porsche car as a birthday gift. 

According to people on social media, her biological parents have disowned her after she dropped out of school to mingle and spend time with Davido. 

Chioma who is an under-graduate at Babcock University is now a drop out and her parent did not approve of this that the reason the said informant gave as reason why she is disowned. 

She said;
“Her parents have already disowned her for dropping out of school and that is why she is staying with her sister Jennifer and her friend Pamelauju. So do you want her to kill herself… Shey Davido has promised her assurance already.. Life is too short please leave Tachi alone.” 

Another fan issued that “Common it’s a fact that something is not right with this Chioma of a girl.. Why is her family quiet? No single words from her parents, her siblings or family members.. It’s obvious that they don’t approve of the relationship. 

She is still a student in a university and do you think she can continue being a student while me traveling with Davido everywhere? How can you suffer to train your child in a private University and suddenly she drops out all because of Davido? At least put yourself in the position of her parents.. 

If all this is true then she is on a wrong part that leads to destruction. When the whole world turns on you, your parents got your back. Paying her parents like this is heartbreaking.”

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