In an interview on Radio 1, 100.7fm with the host of the award winning drive time show Ayekoo, Bishop Abbey Jnr popularly known as The Bishop Jeneral, renowned Ghanaian Reggae artist Shasha Marley has disclosed publicly that despite the fact that he has songs and loves to sing about marijuana he has never had a taste of it yet. According to him, the Ghanaian culture doesn't permit the smoking of cannabis and its the more reason why its legalisation has become a major problem in Africa unlike the Western World where it has been legalised.
When asked upon further interrogation whether he would consider smoking of marijuana when legalised in Ghana, he recalls a past memory of a friend who nearly got mad after being addicted to marijuana smoking.
"I remember back in my school going age, one of my friends nearly got mad after smoking this marijuana. So since then, it has never occurred to me to try it at all". He shared.
" I won't discriminate or speak Ill about people or the youth involved in the smoking of marijuana but would suggest they desist from smoking it". He advised.
World Marijuana(Cannabis) day is an unofficial celebration of Cannabis that is marked various location around the world every year. Revellers gather to smoke or consume marijuana (cannabis) together, with some using the occasion to push for the legalisation of the drug.
*Source: AkosuaBoatemaa

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