VIDEO: Funny Face weeps as he tells sad story of his life

VIDEO: Funny Face weeps as he tells sad story of his life

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Comedian Funny Face broke down in tears over the weekend when he told the story of his struggles before coming into the limelight.

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The comedian decided to share his account to motivate others who may be going through hard times or contemplating suicide.
“So dis dawn @ 4:00am I broke down into tears … when after praying I felt I should share one of my deepest stories to motivate some people … Because I was getting too many messages of people who are tired in life and want to commit suicide,” he wrote on his Facebook page.
Funny disclosed that he walked from Tema to Circle for almost two years just to talk on radio in his quest to make a career out of his talent.
“I remember how my mother cried one afternoon in 2007 … when she saw all the hustle am going through [sic]. Walking from circle to Tema in and out for 1 year 8 months, almost 2 years. She cried and asked me: “Nana, is it by force to talk on radio,” he recounted.
“Then with tears she prayed. And said to GOD in front of me dat [sic] she doesn’t have anything to support me but she prays to GOD to grant my wish! Today here I am. The #ChildrenPresident. Never give up no matter what u going thru. Suicide is not an option. If God can do it for me HE can do it for you,” [sic] he added.
Funny Face, born Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, made his first appearance on the Night of 1010 Laughs in 2010.

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He played the role of driver’s mate in the TV3 sitcom, Chorkor Trotro, where he was known as Chemu. His role in Chorkor Trotro gave him much popularity.
He has also produced a couple of songs and a television series called ‘Cow and Chicken.’


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