My dream is to kiss and roll my tongue on Akrobeto’s nose – Actress

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Actress Xandy Khamel has said that what she loves about her colleague in the movie industry Akrobeto is his sexy nose.

According to her, rolling her tongue through the nose of the revered actor while kissing him is one thing she has been reveling for some time now.

The actress, however, indicated that although she is crushing on Akrobeto, the man respects himself and will never fall for her even when she gives herself to him.

She mentioned that Akrobeto has been an Uncle to her since she entered the movie industry and has provided her with pieces of advice which has made her who she is in the industry.

In other reports, Kofi Adomah Nwanwanii, a TV presenter was spotted in a viral video fondling the breasts of Kumawood actress Xandy Kamel.
Xandy who has starred in about 20 Kumawood films in an effort to prove her huge boobs ain’t artificial, was seen aiding Kofi Adomah to fondle her breasts.

“It is natural, hold it well, hold it well”, she said whiles helping the host of ‘Pampaso’.

Kofi who seemed a bit shy, withdrew himself when the actress opened the button of her shirt for him to put his hand into her bosom to really feel it.

About 11 months ago, this same actress was also seen been fondled publicly by a Top FM presenter during a radio tour in promoting ‘Adanfo Bone’.

In that video, it could clearly be seen the actress was enjoying what Mr Handsome as he’s popularly called was doing to her.
Xandy Kamel is the first daughter of the late Hon Henry Ford Kofi Kamel Regional Minister and MP for Buem Constituency.


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