Kennedy Agyapong ‘exposed’ as Ibrah Money names him as a money laundering accomplice?

Kennedy Agyapong is one of Ghana’s rich politicians - He has been threatened by Ibrah Money to be exposed of involving in money laundering - Ibrah was arrested yesterday for money laundering Young Ghanaian millionaire, Ibrah Money, was arrested by the police for alleged money laundering.

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 He was arrested at his plush East Legon mansion and is reportedly set to be extradited to the United States to stand trial. But Ibrah has said he won’t go down alone, thus threatening to expose all those with whom he has been in that business with.

Ibrah Money, known in real life as Ibrahim Daouda has alleged that New Patriotic Party (NPP) firebrand Kennedy Agyapong is also involved in the money laundering scandal. Kennedy Agyapong has been long accused of involving in dubious means to make himself a rich man. He had been tagged as a cocaine dealer, others in the past. But the MP has often fired back, claiming that he had made his riches from the right source, including working as a shoe shine in the US for many years, according to an interview monitored by some years back on TV3. 

Ibrah was said to be snitched on by a friend who he owed over $400,000 to but failed to pay. He has threatened to expose all others in Ghana who he launders money for if prosecuted, mentioning the name of Kennedy Agyapong emphasizing that he has documents to prove. 

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One's arrest by Interpol Ibrah wrote on social media: “Where is Kennedy Agyapong, I have a book for you.” Ibrah is on record for freely distributing 10 iPhone X for passengers on board a commercial vehicle for his birthday.


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