Kundali Bhagya Episode 93 Update on Friday 20th April 2018

Preeta senses fire from the store room. She makes the staff run outside with the cylinder. Some grain bags fell off and block the door. She decides to pour water on the window but the fire spreads. She comes to run away but couldn’t open the door. She calls someone to help.

Rishab was playing with a stone, Karan places a foot over the stone and says if Rishab had continued football there would have been two sportsman. Rishab laughs there must be a conflict of interest. Karan minds he always clapped for each of Rishab’s goals. Rishab asks him to speak about something else. They talk about the Roka. Rishab wonders why Preeta agreed to may Prithvi. Karan says every good man would have agreed to marry Preeta Rishab says he doesn’t get good vibes by meeting Prithvi. Shrishti comes there
and asks what they are discussing. Rishab truly says they didn’t like Prithvi. Shrishti says she didn’t as well. When she has left, Karan says Preeta is a dumbo is decide for herself.

Kritika asks Sameer about her future planning. If he doesn’t get married there is a blockade in Roo’s way. Sherlin wonders if they ever think about anything other than marriage. Later, the elders discuss about wedding functions. Prithvi figures they were taunting Sherlin and hits himself with Dadi deliberately. Dadi loses balance but Sameer holds her. Prithvi gets revengous with Sameer as well. There waiters come running to inform everyone about the fire in kitchen. There was panic across the function. Sameer comes to inform Sarla and Shrishti about the fire at home.

Mr. Luthra calls the fire brigade. Dadi and neighbors weren’t ready to leave the hall. Kareena questions Dadi what she wants, she wishes they are killed in the fire. Dadi scolds Kareena for speaking so rudely. Kareena blames Dadi for wanting them to die. Mr. Luthra shouts at her for arguing. Rishab and Karan come there and asks about Preeta. Sherlin lies that she had seen Preeta outside. She thinks if Preeta is inside the kitchen it’s party time for her and Prithvi. Rishab convinces Dadi to go outside with everyone. Kareena stops for Sherlin and finds her come out hand in hand with each other.
At home, Sameer comes to inform Sarla and Shrishti that there is a fire in the hall. Sameer says it’s towards kitchen side. Sarla panics and asks about Preeta. Shrishti says she had seen Preeta go towards kitchen. Sameer suggests she must have got stuck there; the three run to save Preeta.
In the kitchen, Preeta watches the fire spread across the corners of kitchen. She decides to pour water over it. 

Sarla and Shrishti watch everyone come out of the hall together. Kareena reaches behind Sherlin and Prithvi; Sherlin thanks him formally for helping her out. Mr. Luthra calls Prithvi to help him arrange for water. Rishab hears Sarla cry that Preeta is inside. Sarla hurries to go inside but Shrishti wasn’t ready to let her go. Karan and Rishab request Sarla to wait. Sarla cries that its for her life. Shrishti also cry that Preeta is inside. Sarla says she had sent Preeta to kitchen to look for Janki.
Preeta was worried as the water supply had ended in the kitchen.

PRECAP:Karan breaks the door with the kick of his leg. He boastfully approaches to save Preeta but Preeta was shocked to see something.

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