VIDEO: Joselyn Dumas gives her soft ass to Kuami Eugene for free

VIDEO: Joselyn Dumas gives her soft ass to Kuami Eugene for free
Kuami Eugene had the rare privilege of feeling the softness of the big bum of A-list actress Joselyn Dumas. Yes, the 21-year-old ‘Angela’ hitmaker didn’t expect that, but fortunately for him, Joselyn gave him that opportunity and we can only imagine the ‘current’ that run through Kuami Eugene. 

The two were dancing in the studios of Joy FM, on the show, Joselyn Dumas is a co-host on and we see the two holding hands as they danced. 

From the beginning, it was obvious Kuami Eugene was very shy–perhaps he never imagined a moment would come in his career where he would get to dance with the beautiful and heavily endowed Joselyn Dumas. 

Kuami Eugene had the opportunity to dance with Joselyn when he went for an interview at Joy FM, on ‘Drive Time’ with Lexis Bill, where Joselyn Dumas is a co-host on the show.
The two were seeing busily enjoying themselves in the video below during the interview session, from the look of things Kuami had a wonderful experience. 

Who wouldn’t want to have a dance with Joselyn Dumas? Especially when her ass gets to touch you as you sway alongside. 

Joselyn Dumas then turns the ass for him and chaleeeeeee! 


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