Kundali Bhagya Episode 85 Update on Thursday 29th March 2018- Karan and Prithvi have an argument

Kundali Bhagya Episode 85 Update on Thursday 29th March 2018- Karan and Prithvi have an argument

Shrishti tells Preeta Karan is a better choice for Preeta. Preeta says Prithvi is a very good natured and nice man. She says there is a deep line of status difference between their families. She teases that Shrishti may marry Sameer as she is obsessed about her. she gets emotional as she would leave the house in sometime. Shrishti tells Preeta she doesn’t like Prithvi, he is too good to be true and no man can be so perfect. Preeta says she is only being over protective. Janki comes to call the girls to hall.

Karan was driving while the driver sat with him. He watches some balloons and was lost in thoughts of Preeta. His car hits another car, the other car gets some scratches. The driver insists on Karan to let him handle. Karan gives him his wallet. It was Prithvi in the other car,
he grabs the driver’s caller furiously. He calls him name and punches him as well. Karan comes from behind and says he was driving. Prithvi turns into a gentleman at once, apologizes the driver and denies taking any money as well. After Prithvi had left Karan thinks there is something wrong. Prithvi is a devil in disguise, he is being nice only to impress Preeta and her family. He must figure the truth.
In the car Prithvi thinks he must control his emotions as they might cause hindrance in his mission. Right now its important for him that Sherlin marries Rishab and he prevents Preeta from causing any troubles in it.

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Sarla and Dadi ji were waiting for the guests in hall. Prithvi arrive and decides to begin his acting. As he greets everyone Dadi ji slips. Prithvi holds her hand towards the chair. Sarla was happy that she got a son and Preeta is really lucky. Prithvi thinks its easy to fool these people, they think by heart not brain.
Karan decides not to go to Puna but Kumkum bhagya hall. He decides to warn Preeta against Prithvi.

Shrishti brings Preeta into the bridal room. They discuss about her feelings. Preeta says she is happy, Sarla’s promise with Deepak to marry her to someone rich is being fulfilled. Also Kareena won’t get a chance to call her something. Prithvi is a nice guy. Shrishti asks about Karan. Preeta says Karan doesn’t care about her at all. There is Karan’s call on her phone which she ignores. Shrishti asks if something wrong, Preeta denies saying Karan would obviously have to taunt her. Shrishti asks her to behave normal then. There, Karan wonders if Preeta is his girlfriend that she got annoyed. He wanted to speak to her for her own benefit. Preeta thinks if she must call Karan, then thinks he himself must call her again if important. Janki comes to take Shrishti to attend Prithvi.

Shrishti sits with Prithvi. She asks why is he in a hurry to marry Preeta. Prithvi says he doesn’t believe in delaying good things that would change the face of his future. Shrishti asks if love isn’t there. Prithvi replies off course there is, he says love and hate are very powerful feelings; specially hatred take someone to revenge. Shrishti was confused why he was speaking about hatred. Prithvi says it was just for time pass and smiles. He asks about Karan. Shrishti says Karan won’t come today and leave. Prithvi was happy as his mood won’t spoil today.

PRECAP: Karan and Prithvi have an argument. Preeta says it seems like a cricket match between them. Karan says it is a cricket match, they only need to see who getsc catch out first.

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