Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1031 Update on Thursday 29th March 2018- Pragya tries to romance with Abhi surprising him while the song is played.

Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1031 Update on Thursday 29th March 2018-  Pragya tries to romance with Abhi surprising him while the song is played.

The Episode starts with Munni thinking what to do to stay away from Pragya’s husband. Abhi asks why she is staying far from him and says if she will tell she is Munni. Munni says she needs water and takes glass. Abhi comes closer to her. She makes water fall on him and then asks him to go and change his shirt. Abhi goes. Disha tells Purab that Dadi and Dasi will see them. Purab says they are gone. Disha says I will punish you and will not talk to you. Purab holds her hand sensually and asks if you can stay without talking to me. Disha says yes. Purab kisses her on her cheeks and says statue over. He asks her to go. Disha turns to him and says I will not talk to you. Purab holds her hand. Le jaye kahan…plays…They look in each other eyes and romances with each other. Mitali sees them closer
and thinks to tell Aaliya and make her jealous, says all the best to Disha and Purab. She runs to Aaliya and collides with her. She tells that someone is romancing. Aaliya thinks if Mitali saw Munni.
Mitali says Purab and Disha were romancing and says I feel your loneliness seeing them together. Aaliya sees them, gets jealous and scolds Mitali. She says she has some urgent work. Mitali thinks she shall find out. Aaliya asks her not to come behind her. Mitali says I was going down. Aaliya is jealous and goes to room, waits for Tanu. Tanu comes there and says she made Pragya unconscious. She says Pragya was smiling on me after getting unconscious and tried to make me fell down. Pragya smiles. Aaliya says our plan is done, now we have to take Munni out and follow our plan. Pragya thinks my plan is going on and not yours. Aaliya asks her to do as she says, if she wants her kids else she will not get her kids. She says there shall be no mistake.
Pragya thinks your plan failed already, I have kids and Munni is with me, now you both will dance on my tune. Mitali comes to Aaliya’s room and tries to hear them. Aaliya opens the door and twists Mitali’s hand. She says it seems I have to find permanent solution for this and says I will cut you ears. Mitali says I didn’t hear you. Aaliya says you was spying on us, and says I will either cut your ears or make you peon. Mitali says I didn’t hear anything. Aaliya says let me cut one of your ears. Mitali promises never to spy on her. She asks Tanu to come.
Dadi asks if everyone got the Prasad. Taya ji asks what is the good news. Dadi says she has taken a decision for everyone betterment and that’s why distributed the Prasad. Dasi says we will get our Pragya with this decision and she will get her rights. Raj asks what is your decision. Dadi says Lawyer Bhandari will come and will let everyone know.
Lawyer Bhandari comes there. Dadi asks him to sit. Bhandari shows the “will”, and says Property will be on Abhi’s name, but pragya will be caretaker and they both have to take decision together. Taya ji asks why did you take decision now? Dadi says there is no guarantee of life and asks Disha to call Pragya. Tayi ji says she is Munni. Dadi says she is Pragya only. Simonika thinks they have blind faith on her. Aaliya, tanu comes with Pragya. Aaliya says you didn’t tell us once about your decision. Dadi says you felt bad about my decision. Dasi says she is unhappy always. Aaliya says she brought Pragya home and says don’t know when you will stop doubting us.
Tanu says Pragya don’t want to come here, but we made her understand to do this for family. Dadi asks Pragya to come infront and sign. Aaliya tells slowly asking Pragya not to do any mistake. Dadi says I want property to be on your name. Pragya says but I…Dadi asks her to sign and listen to her last wish. Dasi asks her to sign. Raj looks sad as he thinks she is Pragya. Pragya thinks I have to change my avatar again to save my kumkum. Aaliya says now Munni will sign on these papers and tomorrow I will sign. Tanu says everything is happening as per our plan. Abhi comes out of changing room and thinks where did Pragya go? He comes out of room. Dasi asks Pragya to sign. Taya ji asks her to sign. Tayi gets upset.
Mitali says I shall sign on the papers.

Tai ji says I am eldest bahu of the house. Mitali says illiterate woman will sign now. Purab and Disha say that it is Pragya’s right, today she got it. Simonika thinks to find out about Aaliya’s plan. Mitali taunts Aaliya and Tanu to take a pot and go to mountain. Tanu says you will know soon who will rule, then I will ask you to get glass of water also. Dadi and Dasi ask her to sign. Abhi comes there and asks what you are doing here, and when did you change your clothes. Aaliya and Tanu get worried. Pragya smiles and thinks it seems he met Munni in the room. She says she changed clothes to match with his clothes color. Dadi asks Pragya to sign. Abhi thinks now it will be proved that she is Pragya or not. He says if you are my fuggi then will sign.

Tanu asks Aaliya if she checked the final sign when Munnu practiced to sign. Aaliya says she forgot and gets worried. Everyone waits for Pragya to sign. Pragya goes to the table and thinks today I am happy that I will end your snake and ladder game for once and all, and will put full stop on your bad intentions. She signs on the papers smilingly. Everyone claps. Tanu and Aaliya also clap. Raj thinks Pragya is signing and they are clapping. Abhi, Dadi, Dasi and others are happy. Aaliya says she did it. Tanu says she has signed confidently. Abhi says you have become my official Pragya and asks him to become his pragya. Pragya asks him to wait for right time and till then have coffee. Pragya takes Dadi’s blessings. Pragya takes papers to keep it in locker.
Simonika looks at her. Pragya searches Munni and finds her in Tanu’s room. She tells her that she got property papers and thanks her. Munni says I will write a essay to thank you. Pragya asks her to keep the address of her friend where chutka and chutki are staying and asks her to take care. Munni hugs her. Pragya asks her to go from back door. Munni leaves. Purab tells Abhi that Pragya did half confession that she is Pragya. Abhi says full confession and says her sign. Tanu thinks your dream will never be fulfilled, real Pragya will go far from you. Abhi asks did you tell something. Tanu says ok. Purab says her mouth is shut down after Pragya got the property.
Aaliya asks her to come and celebrate. Dasi stops her and asks where are you going? Aaliya says she is having head ache and needs to rest. Simonika thinks there is something fishy going on in their mind. Abhi tells Purab that his enemy wants to kill him, but why Khan Chacha. Purab says that enemy knew that we will reach him. Abhi says he will not leave the enemy. Disha hears them and asks if Pragya know. Abhi says no and asks her not to tell her else she will hide her identity. Pragya thinks now Abhi and his property is safe and thinks she will soon confess that she is Pragya. She opens the cupboard to keep papers in the locker and tries to open it using finger print sensor. Aaliya comes there and appreciates her for getting inside the character of Pragya so well.
Tanu says she is acting and keeping papers in locker. Aaliya says she will give us in the morning, as she knows that we will get it in the morning. Pragya says you are wrong Aaliya. Tanu asks what do you want to say. Aaliya asks her to give keys. Pragya says you see less and now your mind is working less. Aaliya asks her not to test her patience. She tries to take the keys. Pragya says I won’t let you touch the file. Aaliya says it is enough of your drama and asks what do you think that you are Pragya and asks her not to forget that she is Munni. Tanu says she has changed after the scene. Aaliya says we shall learn from her and shall play games like her. Pragya says I am sorry, you both have to take next birth to become like me. Aaliya asks her not to forget that she brought her only.
Pragya says finally I will tell you that I will not give you or let you come near the file and asks them to get out of her room. Aaliya says nautanki woman will ask me to leave and I am going to make your life a living hell. Pragya tells in English that she has already made her life a living hell and says that’s why I am saying stop this and get out of this room. Aaliya and Tanu are shocked. Tanu says she is Pragya. Aaliya says we will not agree that she is Pragya. Pragya says it is easy to fool you as you were born foolish. Aaliya asks her not to make her angry. Pragya says this is infact truth of your life, which you don’t want to believe seeing the proof. She says I will make the things easy for you and says Pragya signed the papers today and who is standing infront of you both. I am Pragya Mehra, Mrs. Abhishek Prem Mehra, bahu of house and your big enemy. Aaliya and Tanu are shocked and angry.
Tanu tries to get keys from Pragya. Pragya slaps her hard. Simonika hears them. Pragya tries to romance with Abhi surprising him while the song is played.

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