Am not ‘Illuminati’ Kumawood’s Bernard Nyarko denies link

Am not  ‘Illuminati’ Kumawood’s Bernard Nyarko denies link

Kumawood's Bernard Nyarko has denied any links to the 'Illumanti' group - According to him, his success is just a blessing from God - The actor was reacting to claims by an evangelist that, he [Nyarko] was an occult Popular Kumawood actor, Bishop Bernard Nyarko, has denied allegations that he is an occultist. According to him, he has never been involved anything related to occultism and he has no intention of starting now. Bishop Bernard Nyarko has, within the past few weeks, been accused of being a member of the much dreaded Illuminati group.

But reacting to the allegations which were started by a USA-based Ghanaian social media evangelist, Emmanuel Addai, the popular Kumawood star emphatically stated that his success as an actor was a blessing from God and not due to any secret society.

 "If I were Illuminati, would I have been shooting movies or would I have been riding in such a car?", the actor quizzed in a recently released video. For him, Evangelist Addai, who has been accusing many other celebrities of engaging in occultism, was only trying to get popular off him and the many other stars he has been accusing. The clearly displeased Bishop Nyarko ended by saying that he had left everything to the judgement of God. Bishop Bernard Nyarko has been in the limelight as a Kumawood actor for close to 10 years

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