Kumkum Bhagya Bhagya Episode 1004 Update on Tuesday 20th February 2018

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The Episode starts with Dadi asking Disha to tell what happened? Disha tells her that they were kidnapped by Sangram and tells everything. Pragya brings first aid box. Dasi says you all haven’t told us. Dadi asks it was whose idea to go to Sangram’s place and asks why didn’t they inform Police. Abhi thinks this is the good time to take revenge on her. He says it was Munni’s idea to get praised by all. Aaliya scolds her and says if anything had happened to him then. Pragya says nothing will happen to him as I was with him. Aaliya accuses Munni. Abhi tells Dadi that Munni risked their life and tells that she made us beaten. Pragya asks what do you mean that I got you beaten. Abhi says she fought like Ninja. Dasi says you have done wrong today. Mitali tells Dadi that Dasi is right and asks
her to scold her. Abhi thinks her ego will go with scolding. Dadi signs Pragya to come near her. Pragya worriedly goes near her. Disha asks Purab to tell that Pragya helped them.
Purab says if I tell anything then will be scolded. Dadi takes Pragya’s hand in her hand and says whatever you have done today was good, God bless you and shall give you all happiness, all wishes shall come true. She says my Purab is infront of me because of you. She says you have protected Ram and Lakshman Jodi and blesses her. Abhi says cut and asks what is happening here? What is wrong with you. Dadi says she did good work. Abhi says she got me beaten.
Dadi says if she had gone alone then wouldn’t you have felt ashamed. She says she has done the work which Pragya would have done. Pragya tells Abhi that she will apply ointment on his injury. Abhi shouts and says it is paining. He asks if you wants me to be fine or wants me to cry. Pragya says even kids don’t cry like this. Abhi says you are doing this intentionally. Dadi says she will apply ointment. Abhi says I am always right. Pragya says you can’t let ointment applied and challenges him. Abhi says I will not shout and asks her to apply. She applies ointment on his injury. Abhi asks Purab to go to room with disha, have hot food and romance with Disha. He asks him to enjoy. Purab gets shy. Dadi asks Pragya to make him have coffee. Pragya says she will make his special coffee. Abhi is surprised.
Aaliya comes to room and says she is not Pragya, but Munni.
Tanu is crying sitting there. Aaliya blames Munni and thinks she will make her cry. Tanu cries and hugs Aaliya.
Pragya is in kitchen. Simonika calls her. Robin gives call to Pragya. Simonika asks are you fine and asks about Abhi. Pragya says we are fine now and tells about Sangram Singh. Simonika hears her and says I am really thankful to God. She says I called you many times. Pragya says we will talk tomorrow. Simonika thinks who is Sangram Singh, how can he kill Abhi, as I will kill him. Simonika recalls seeing her husband’s (contract killer Dushyant) death. He says he was coming home, but Abhi killed him. He asks her to kill Abhi and dies. She says she will kill Abhi. She sees his pic and says her life is punishment without him. She says when I see Abhi infront of me, my life is like punishment to me. She promises to kill abhi anyhow and says Abhi took your life for Pragya. She says Pragya will feel the same pain when I take her husband’s life. She says then she will understand how I felt pain and says Abhi have to die at my hands.

Abhi saves Pragya from falling. Pragya says you have saved me. Abhi says coffee shall not fall. Pragya says you cares for coffee and not for me. Abhi says when it is made with love then it becomes special.

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