Kundali Bhagya Episode 59 Update on Thursday 15th February 2018 – Preeta tries to stop Shrishti when Shrishti was about to reveal the name Preeta loves.

Kundali Bhagya Episode 59 Update on Thursday 15th February 2018 – Preeta tries to stop Shrishti  when Shrishti was about to reveal the name Preeta loves.
Karan asks who would believe in that middle class Preeta. He only withdrew Sarla’s case because of Sherlin. Kareena was also apologetic and asks why he didn’t tell her? Karan says he was about to call her, but instead she called him. And she had gathered everyone at home, even Rishab was there. He was alert because Rishab and Preeta are very good friends. Kareena and Sherlin were relieved when Karan leaves. Kareena boasts to Sherlin about her family, she tells Sherlin to think of herself. If Preeta has a proof against her she will surely use it.
Preeta clarifies to Shrishti that what she heard was half-truth. Dadi also heard this and comes asking Preeta. Shrishti tells Dadi she heard by herself that Preeta said I love you Karan! Dadi says it’s nothing wrong, but at least she should have
told her grandmother. Dadi blackmails Preeta that she didn’t accept her. Shrishti complaints Preeta even didn’t share with her. Preeta invites Rishab inside. Dadi insists trust is really important when it’s about love. Preeta was offensive and asks why Shrishti is doing so. There was a door bell. Shrishti suggests it must be Karan, it’s his turn to say I love you. Preeta forbids Shrishti to say a word to him. Dadi was thankful for getting excitement like Pragya and Bulbul back at home. Shrishti teases Preeta aloud for loving Karan as she opens the door. Rishab stood outside. Both were stunned to see him. Rishab asks if they were expecting someone else. Shrishti invites him inside.
At home, Karan was thinking about some way to know about Sherlin’s lie. He spots Sherlin going through the hall but Mr. Luthra stops him asking if he is annoyed with Rishab. Karan says he isn’t and hurries the other way looking for Sherlin. He spots Sherlin speaking to someone on phone call and tries to hear the conversation. Sherlin was trying to convince someone she can’t leave this place right now, she can’t fulfil her promise else someone’s doubt would strengthen. She then agrees to come. All of a sudden, Karan’s phone bell rings. Sherlin turns around cautiously, Karan had successfully hidden himself behind a curtainand follows Sherlin. Sherlin thinks everyone in the house trusts her, she needs to think some way to get out of here. Karan decides she will have to take a bit of tension, Preeta was right about Sherlin. He will now find a proof against her and expose her. He calls Sameer for help.

There, Dadi welcomes Rishab and goes to prepare tea. Preeta accompanies Rishab. Rishab says he wanted to apologize Preeta, he wasn’t with her when she needed him the most. Preeta says there is no sorry and thankyou in true friendship. She must instead apologize for being rude to him. She says she wonders what had happened to her that day, and was guilty. Rishab allows her to be what she is, he isn’t worth judging her. Preeta says sometimes she thinks he is the best man she could ever meet. Dadi and Shrishti discuss if Preeta really said I love you to Karan; Shrishti wonders what’s going on inside. Preeta asks them to come and speak in front of them. Dadi teasingly says she can speak about it, would she be able to hear? Preeta lets it go. Rishab says he heard a bit Shrishti said Preeta has fallen in love. Rishab asks Shrishti whom did Preeta fell in love with. Sarla comes saying Karan! Shrishti wonders how did she know, but Sarla came with Karan’s call for Preeta.

At home, Sameer stops Sherlin from leaving. Sherlin was hurrying outside but he asks some silly questions from Sherlin. Sherlin thinks she will go crazy if he continues.
On the call, Preeta tells Karan she was stuck with some situation that she got stuck in. Karan tells Preeta about creating a story in front of Sherlin, and about the phone call. He was sure she will meet the mystery man and they will catch her red handed. Preeta tells him to go and get Sherlin. Karan says he sent Sameer to follow her already. After the call, Preeta thinks no matter what Karan is a smart man.

PRECAP: Shrishti was about to reveal the name Preeta loves. Preeta tries to stop Shrishti. Everyone was stunned to see Preeta hold Rishab by face.

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