Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1092 Upd Update on Friday 16th February 2018

The Episode starts with Sangram telling Abhi that he knows that he tried to provoke him and says marriage will happen anyhow. Abhi says marriage can’t happen until I am alive. Sangram aims gun at Abhi. Everyone says no. Sangram fires at the chandelier and laughs. He says you will die but a painful death. Goon asks Pandit to get marriage done. Sangram asks Disha to sit in mandap. Disha cries and sitsin mandap. Pragya thinks I can’t let Sangram marry Disha. She sees glass piece and pushes it near Abhi and signs him to cut the rope. Abhi tries to get the glass. Goon asks them to stand silently. Sangram makes Disha wear garland and makes her sit. Abhi gets the glass and cuts the rope. He hits the goon capturing the video and hits another goon. He comes to Pragya and opens her rope. They free themselves. Abhi says he is searching place to make plan.
Sangram sees them untied and asks goons to catch them.
Abhi fights with the goons. Sangram tries to take rounds with Disha fast. Abhi comes there and kicks Sangram. Pragya also beats the goons. He beats the goon and also Sangram. He unties Purab’s hand. Sangram asks his goons to shoot Abhi. He nods no and kicks pistol near Sangram. Sangram holds Pragya at gun point and says he will kill her if Disha don’t marry him.
Abhi says Kaale will you beat Bhai ji. Sangram turns to look back. Abhi kicks on his pistol and beats him. Pragya and Disha also beat him. They all beat him like hitting a foot ball. Other goons come there. Abhi aims gun at them and tells Sangram that he has beaten them and also will take Disha also. Sangram says if my brother comes to know then he will not leave you and will make curfew in the city. Abhi says what an acting? He says we will take all luggage with us.
Abhi takes Sangram and goons out, asks goons to tie him so that nothing happens to him when the jeep goes on full speed. The goons refuses. Bali apologizes and says I am helpless. He ties the rope. Abhi takes him tied to the jeep.
Tanu asks Pragya where did she take Abhi? Pragya says to honeymoon. She says they went and Abhi reminisces the moments with Pragya.

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