Gangaa Episode 53–54 Update on Thursday 15th February 2018

Sagar wants to test the guy who is coming to see Drishti. They come to ask their mother and Drishti about how the groom should be. Madhvi says the guy should be such that he understands her. Maharaj ji says the guy should be well educated and matured. Amma ji wants him to be good mannered. Maid wants him to be smart enough in looks. Prabha hopes for a wealthy guy. Sagar notes down everything. Now I know how he should be. Let him come. We will take his test. They both share a high five.
Amma ji loves Babli’s appearance. She looks lovely. Only her smile is missing. Prabha comes there calling for Amma ji. We will tell the groom that girl knows how to cook, sew and do everything. Amma ji is impressed but Babli calls it a lie. Madhvi too feels the same way. What if they find out the truth tomorrow? How will they feel? Prabha says the marriage will be done by the time this truth will come out. The guy’s side wont be able to do anything. Amma ji jokes that Prabha must have trapped Ratan in a similar manner. It is but natural that everyone adds up a bit here and there. Madhvi wonders why they have to lie. They must be looking for a good natured, homely girl and not some teacher type-studious girl. please removeyour specs. Guys don’t like bespectacled girls at all. Babli reasons that she cannot see properly without specs. Amma ji removes it. Your eyes are so beautiful. You will manage. Prabha suggests making her wear lenses tomorrow. it is just a matter of today.
Akshay and his family comes to Chaturvedi House. Everyone greets / introduces one another. Niranjan’s BIL doesn’t like it when someone uses English while talking in Hindi. Amma ji too uses an English word while talking in his favour. He points out at the same. She corrects herself. Amma ji tells Maharaj ji to tell Madhvi to bring Babli with her. Niranjan asks Akshay about his job.
Ganga and Sagar observe everything from upstairs.
Babli brings tea for everyone. Akshay gets up to help her but his father stops him. Ganga complimentsBabli on her beauty. She is wearing saree and new jewels. She is not wearing her specs though. Sagar cross checks the points in his diary. It isn’t important for the girl to look beautiful. It isn’t written here so they cannot say no. She might not be able to see properly as she isn’t wearing specs. Babli is about to keep the tea cup on the table but Prabha tells her to give it to Akshay only. Prabha lies to them about Babli’s skills. Sagar is taken aback. Akshay’s mother compliments the food. It tastes exactly like the jalebi from Trivedi ji’s shop. Babli’s hands are shivering while she holds out the cup for Akshay. She leaves it before he can hold it. Everyone is taken aback. She apologizes for the mistake. Madhvi takes her inside to change her saree. Ganga says this happened because she wasn’t wearing her specs. Amma ji and Prabha cover up for Babli. She is very shy. She gets nervous very easily. Akshay wipes the tea spilled on his pant. Amma ji talks about the pain Babli’s father has taken to raise Babli. She is a very calm girl. Akshay seeks their permission to talk to Drishti alone. Surprisingly, Babli’s father allows him. The bride’s family has to agree to everything that the groom’s family says. Pulkit takes Akshay upstairs. Sagar and Ganga decide to follow them.
Pulkit tells the kids not to go where Akshay and Babli are sitting. They both still go there. Sagar and Ganga come to the room where Akshay is waiting. Akshay smiles at them but they keenly look at him from top to toe. Akshay greets Sagar but Sagar keeps mum. He observes Akshay carefully. He discusses it with Ganga. The guy is fair. You get 6 out of 10. Sagar literally measures his height next with Ganga’s help. He gives scores to Akshay on every aspect. Ganga asks for Akshay’s wallet. DO you have money or not or if Babli didi will be always upset like Prabha Mami after her wedding? Akshay agrees. They find lots on money in his wallet. Only last aspect is left – well mannered, learned guy. She asks him if he knows Ramcharitmanas or Gita. He declines. Akshay passes the test with very less marks though. Akshay asks Ganga about her opinion. Have you passed me or failed me? Ganga wants to know Babli’s opinion first.
Babli has changed her saree. Her father comes to talk to her so Madhvi excuses them. He blames Babli for dropping tea intentionally. She tells him the truth but he calls them her excuses. Don’t make any mistakes. The guy wants to meet you. He is waiting for you in Pulkit’s room. Only answer his questions. Don’t talk extra. I don’t want any complaint because of you. you will see me at my worst if this relation breaks. He leaves. Ganga comes there but hides when she notices Babli’s father going out of the room. She only enters inside when the coast is clear. She finds Babli crying. What happened? why are you crying? Did your father scold you for dropping tea? Babli replies that she has grown up hearing her father scolding her always. I don’t feel bad when elders say something. They can scold me as much as they want but they should know what I want! I want to do engineering. I came first in boards still I will have to get married as my father wants it. Epi ends on Ganga’s thoughtful face.
Babli says my eyes are weak and I wear specs but still I cannot tell this to the groom’s family as Prabha Mami has told me not to. I am not fond of cooking, sewing but I will have to agree with others as they want it to be that ways. It is my life but someone else is taking all the decisions for me. Maybe this is what happens with every girl. no one thinks about what she wants or thinks. Ganga gives her Akshay’s test results. I will pass her if you say so. Babli sadly says it doesn’t matter. Bau ji wants this alliance to happy. it doesn’t matter what I say.
Babli’s father decides to talk about what all will be given in the marriage.

Niranjan disagrees. Dowry is wrong. I cannot let anything wrong happen in my house. He almost gets into a verbal spat with his BIL when Akshay’s parents tell them that Akshay is also against dowry. He will get upset if he finds out that we are talking about it. He is our only son. we want a good wedding. Niranjan feels good. Akshay’s mother wants to hear it from Akshay if he likes Babli or not.

Sagar leaves from the room when Babli comes there. Ganga meets Sagar. She refuses to go with him to eat breakfast and goes towards the room. Akshay tells Babli about Delhi. It is a very good city and it means freedom. I am the only son of my parents so I came back here. What have you thought? Tell me something about yourself. What are your dreams? Babli starts crying. She runs out of the room without saying anything. Ganga is standing by the door. Akshay asks Ganga what happened to Babli. Did I say something wrong? Ganga nods. Ask me about her. She shows Babli’s result to Akshay. Didi wants to study but her father is pushing her for marriage. Akshay is taken aback. No one has told me anything about it. She replies that how will anyone know when they don’t ask her anything. She is a girl so she has to do what she is told. She hasn’t cooked any of the items that are there downstairs and she has not sewn at all. She cannot see without specs which is why she dropped tea. This isn’t right! Akshay very sweetly asks her what he should do. She folds her hands before him. please tell everyone that you don’t want to marry her. You are a boy so they will listen to you. he reasons that Babli’s problem may not go away that ways or she will be happy or her father wont fix her alliance somewhere else. I have a condition if you want me not to marry your sister – you will have to marry me! Ganga shakes her head in shock. He smiles and leaves from there.
Sagar asks Ganga if everything is fine. She remarks that everything has gone wrong. This guy is very bad. Sagar finds him good but she says that guy is very smart. He dint ask you for marriage so you don’t mind. He asked for my hand. Sagar is taken aback.
Akshay comes downstairs. He tells his parents that Drishti is not the kind of girl that he is looking for. Everyone is shocked. Babli’s father looks upstairs at Babli. Niranjan and everyone talk in Drishti’s favour. Akshay says she knows everything. She is way too good. She cooks everything at home so I wont be able to go outside to have food. I like branded clothes whereas she likes to sew. Amma ji confesses the truth in haste. It was all Prabha’s plan. We made a mistake. Akshay says my parents made the same mistake. They spoke too highly of me. I am not a genius like your daughter. Papa got me admitted in the college by paying donation. Drishti is very talented. No one has asked for her opinion. That should happen as it is such an important matter of her life. I too dint realise it but that little girl explained things to me. Amma ji and her SIL gets angry hearing Ganga’s name whereas everyone else is happy. Drishti is much better than me in everything so it should be her decision actually. I will also agree for this alliance if Drishti says yes. he directly asks Drishti if she will say yest o him. Babli is all shy. Her father is angry by Akshay’s behaviour but Akshay tells him clearly that his decision will be acceptable to his parent’s. You can call and tell my father what Drishti decides. He leaves with his parents but returns to pick up his mother’s phone. He adds that he wont mind it if Drishti agrees to marry him and wants to study afterwards. I have done MBA so my wife too should be a graduate atleast. I think specs will suit your face a lot. Babli is smiling shyly after listening to his words / opinion.
Amma ji finds it all rubbish. Niranjan happily explains to her that Akshay has liked Drishti. Prabha takes credit for it but goes quiet after seeing Babli’s father’s straight face. They all enjoy jalebis. Niranjan personally feeds his BIL sweets. He goes to his study room. Amma ji and her SIL look at each other.
Babli thinks of Akshay’s words. She is all smiles. Sagar and Ganga come there. They decide to tell Ganga’s version of truth to Babli. Don’t marry that guy. He is very smart. when you ran away from the room crying then he asked me to get married to him. Isn’t he over smart? Babli smiles. I too would have asked you the same question if I was a guy? Ganga tries to explain but Amma ji interrupts her. you are upset as Akshay agreed for the alliance? Babli’s father yet again calls Ganga a servant. Amma ji scolds Ganga for talking to that guy when she had told her against it. you proved us a liar. Who are you to speak in between my family matters? Babli tries to say something when her father angrily tells her to go out of the room. Niranjan comes there. Amma ji blames Ganga for proving them a liar before Akshay and his family. Ganga reasons that she only told the truth. Amma ji and Mami had lied. Prabha adds fuel to the fire. Amma ji’s SIL says I wont be able to bear it anymore. One’s respect in their own hands! I don’t want to talk to servants or I would have shown her her right place today. Amma ji tries to take Ganga away to punish her but Niranjan tells her to let it be. Everything turned in our favour in the end. Ganga not just helped us but she also helped Babli in a way. It is a good occasion so we should let bygones be bygones. I will talk to her. She wont do it again. He takes Ganga to his room.
Ganga asks Niranjan what she has done. Why is everyone scolding me? I only said the truth. It isn’t wrong to speak truth. My Bappa always used to say that I shouldn’t be scared or fear anyone to speak the truth. This is what I did. Niranjan points out that Ganga said so only because her Bappa had said her to. You weren’t scared of Amma ji, babli’s father or me? Ganga nods. He continues, it is good to say truth. You have that confidence too but where did it disappear when Amma ji was stopping you from studying? Why dint you tell me the truth then? You were quiet as you yourself don’t want to study. Ganga nods again. he explains that one cna do anything that you really want to do. No enemy, obstacles can stop him. I can see the same spirit in you. You can do whatever you want to. You dint want to study so you dint! We have decided not to push you for the same from now onwards. I wil tell the Master ji not to come here. She asks him if he will be upset with her in case she doesn’t study. He replies that it is no point scolding her if she doesn’t want to. Ganga is thrilled. She runs out of the room happily.
Madhvi is confused. We cannot ask kids what they want. We have to explain them and make them understand. You listened to Ganga so easily? He knows that Ganga is different from other kids. She will come to me herself when she will feel like studying. The day will come real soon. As far as I understand her, the day will come real soon when she will understand the importance of education. No one will be able to stop her then.

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