Kundali Bhagya Episode 56 Update on Monday 12th February 2018

Kundali Bhagya Episode 56 Update on Monday 12th February 2018
At home Shrishti cheerfully jumps and hugs Shrishti. She dances around with Sarla and takes her to the couch, and sits hugging her there. Sarla smiles that Shrishti is the youngest, and loves her the most. She kisses Shrishti. Sarla now gets emotional and says since they are friends now they will love each other. Dadi asks Sarla how she was released. Shrishti wasn’t ready to leave Sarla, she says she had been so afraid. Sarla says Preeta and Karan brought her home. Karan is parking his car. Janki says she must bring sweet then. Karan and Preeta come inside. Janki says she already was in favor of Karan and Preeta’s couple, everyone felt awkward. Sarla explains its about partnership. Janki apologizes as she always has a slip of tongue. Shrishti brings the sweet and thanks Karan for doing a
lot for them. She says he must be a hero for the world but for her, he is Super hero. She kisses his cheek. Sarla was apologetic as Karan stood open mouthed.
In the car, Rishab scolds Sameer and tells him to make clients wait. He tells the driver to go to Preeta’s house. The driver says he would have to change the route. Rishab bursts over him for instructing him, then apologizes.
Karan says he doesn’t eat sweet from market. Sarla insists on him to stay, she will just make sweet for him at home. Dadi appreciates Karan’s effort and says she is inspired how well her mother must be. Janki calls Shrishti to hand her sugar box in the kitchen. Dadi goes to give Janki dry fruits. Preeta asks Karan if he has thought what he would reply to his family. Karan says he would see, it will take people a lot of time to know Sarla has been released.
At home, Kareena gets a call from inspector Chauhan that they released Sarla. Kareena asks if Rishab came there. The inspector says Karan took the case back. Kareena was shocked. Sherlin wonders if Karan trusts Preeta.

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In the car, Rishab thinks he might not be able to help her even today. The driver says they have reached Preeta’s home. He gets a calls from Sherlin who hurries him to come home, Kareena is calling him. Rishab leaves Preeta’s home.
Sarla had prepared dinner for Karan. Karan discuss with Preeta he might die eating so much. The family serve for him. Karan says he could have eaten at home. Shrishti sits to make Karan eat with her own hands. She was excited as Karan takes a bite from her hands. Preeta finally asks them to finish it up. Karan’s phone bell rings, it was Kareena. He goes aside to take the call. Kareena questions why he got Sarla released, she tells him to come home right away. Kareena sends the servant to call everyone here except Rakhi. Karan takes a leave, appreciating the food. Preeta goes behind him. Shrishti gives sweet to Sarla. Dadi tells her to call Kappu and inform him as well. Preeta comes behind Karan and asks what the trouble is. Karan says he never thought they would come to know so soon. Karan says he thought he would find a proof against Sherlin or her. Kareena must have gathered everyone at home. Preeta asks what he would tell everyone. She insists on knowing exactly what he would say. Karan says he would see about it. Preeta says she fears Sherlin doesn’t get alert about their suspicion. She might do anything, even harm him as well to save herself otherwise. It’s their mission to catch Sherlin red handed, until now she has shown everyone that Aroras are responsible. She suggest Karan that he must tell everyone she blackmailed him, she had an mms and she deterred to release it. Karan says Preeta isn’t that type of girl, he is infact not mms type man. Preeta questions if he is a respectable man? Karan now shouts at her that he doesn’t need clarify his character to her. He comes by his car. Preeta apologizes for getting him in trouble. Karan says he is only worried for Sherlin, as she got alert. He hurries towards home as there was a call again.

Shrishti complements Dahi Bhalla, Sarla says she pours love in them. Preeta comes inside, Shrishti asks her to join as well. Janki says she already said, Karan is nicer than the two boys. Sarla says when she first met him she disliked him, but today she felt he seems to be rude only from outside. He helped them today.

PRECAP: Luthras stood in the hall. Rakhi asks Kareena not to consider Preeta or her family, else they can also blame Kareena for the fire to finish her family. Kareena interrupts.

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How the wedding of Joe Appiah and a British lady stirred the world in 1953

Joe Appiah from Gold Coast (now Ghana), the first Ghanaian to marry (Lady Peggy Cripps) from the British Empire`s Upper class. Early Life Mr. Joe Appiah, born Joseph Emmanuel Appiah on Nov. 16, 1918 in Kumasi, was known as Joe in politics and used the shorter name as the author of several books. He was a Ghanaian lawyer, politician and statesman born in Kumasi to Nana James Appiah and Nana Adwoa Akyaa, members of the Ashanti imperial aristocracy. His father was a schoolmaster, Methodist leader, traditional nobleman and, finally, Chief Secretary of Asanteman, a position his son would also subsequently occupy. Joe Appiah was educated at Wesley College, Mfantsipim, and the Middle Temple. Marriage Life In 1951, Joe Appiah met Lady Peggy Cripps at a student dance. She was the daughter of the Right Honourable Sir Stafford Cripps and Dame Isobel Cripps. She was born on May 21 1921. Peggy Cripps was then working for an organisation called racial unity, after having lived in Moscow, where her father was a British ambassador, and in Tehran, where she worked for the British army (railways). In 1953 in London, Mr. Appiah, a law student from a prominent Ashanti family in what is now Ghana, married Peggy Cripps. It was then unheard of that an African will dare to marry a white lady from the British upper class family. When it was announced that the 32-year-old Peggy was to marry a black man, every Colonel Blimp in the Empire was horrified. Disgusting! That was how the apartheid South African minister of justice, Charles Swart described the marriage between Joe Appiah and Peggy Cripps. During that period in Britain, interracial marriages were largely absent and a white girl who was seen out with a black man was deemed not “respectable”. It was reported that Kwame Nkrumah (who would later be Ghana’s first president) was supposed to be Appiah’s best man, but George Padmore, the Pan-Africanist, journalist and author took up that role. At the Church of England ceremony, the bride wore a gown of mother of pearl-embroidered silk brocade. The bridegroom, a Methodist, wore a tribal ceremonial garment – similar to a toga – of yellow and green striped silk. This sensational love affair inspired the 1967 Hollywood comedy-drama movie “Guess who’s Coming to Dinner ” starring Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier and Katharine Hepburn, and featuring Hepburn’s niece Katharine Houghton. Return to Gold Coast Joe Appiah,Peggy and their four kids Their firstborn child, Prof Anthony Kwame Appiah (now world renowned Professor of philosophy and co-author of Encyclopedia Africana ), was born in London in 1954, followed by three daughters. The Appiah family returned to Ghana in late 1954. Soon after, Joe Appiah’s friendship with Nkrumah was ruined. Mr. Appiah was for several years the personal representative in London of the Ghanaian leader, Kwame Nkrumah, during the campaign for independence of what was then the Gold Coast. It became independent from Britain as Ghana in 1957. But Mr. Appiah broke with Mr. Nkrumah and became prominent in the West African nation’s political opposition. He was a member of the Ghanaian Parliament when he was arrested and detained, under the Preventive Detention Act, in 1961 and 1962. He joined the National Liberation Movement party and won the Atwima-Amansie seat in 1957. From 1970 to 1972 he was chairman of a new opposition party, the Justice Party, formed in 1970 through the merger of the country’s three opposition parties. At that time, he was also president of the Ghana Bar Association. Under later national leaderships, He went on to become Ghana’s representative at the United Nations in 1977 and 1978 and held other official posts. Works of Peggy Meanwhile, Peggy learned the language of the Asante, Twi, and became conversant with their folklore which influenced her to write several books such as Yao and the Python. (1971); The Children of Ananse (1968); Why There Are So Many Roads (1972); Ananse the Spider: Tales from an Ashanti Village (1966); Kyekyekulee, Grandmother’s Tales (1993) and The Lost Earring (1971). Her last major work was a collection of 7,000 Asante proverbs entitled Bu Me Be (Tell Me a Proverb) which she co-authored with her son Kwame, and Ivor Agyemang-Duah, currently information officer at the Ghana high commission in London. At the same time as immersing herself in Asante art and culture, Peggy Cripps became a philanthropic figure in Kumasi and founded, with the assistance of her children, a school for the disabled at Jachie. She also contributed to the education of many children in Kumasi. Death Joe Appiah died in Accra after an illness and was buried at the Tafo cemetery at Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana July 8, 1990. Peggy Cripps bought a plot at Tafo cemetery in Kumasi, so that when she died, she would not be sent back to England, but be buried next to her husband, who died in 1990. She died in February 11, 2006. Source: Ghanaianmuseum.com

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