Kundali Bhagya Episode 51 Update on Monday 5th February 2018

Karan clarifies to Preeta that he didn’t come for her help, they have actually ruined the function. Preeta explains they aren’t responsible. Karan tells her to prove this, if they are on the right no one can ever keep her mother in jail then. Sherlin comes to take Karan as Rakhi is calling. When alone, she tells Karan she is aware he isn’t dating Preeta and was only wanting to hide her hand with ring. She says she was on Preeta’s side but when Rakhi lost her trust, she consider Preeta as wrong as to be hated. Karan leaves. Preeta cries while Rishab was upset that he has been helpless about Preeta.
Shrishti returns. Dadi asks if Sarla didn’t come with them. Shrishti says they didn’t even let them meet Sarla easily. Shrishti asks Kappu and Mohan, they say they supervised the whole
cooking well. There was no fault. Mohan tells Shrishti to check the kitchen, they haven’t touched anything yet.
Rishab and Mr. Luthra come to ask doctor’s opinion about taking Rakhi home. The doctor tells them to take her home but with a nurse.

Shrishti looks into the kitchen where everything was fine. She wonders how the food was spoilt if everything here is fine. She turns to leave when finds a wrapper of rat poison, and decides to take it to Kappu.

Rakhi comes home, Dadi ji was emotional at her return. The nurse asks them to take rest.
Shrishti comes outside with the wrapper. Mohan recognizes a girl brought this, he says it was Sherlin, the bride. Shrishti was shocked to hear and wonders how this is possible. Kappu says there is something wrong. Shrishti says it is clear, Sherlin went to ruin something in the kitchen and when caught she made up a story. They get it that Sherlin herself ruined the function. Preeta comes there then. Shrishti shows the pack to Preeta and says Sherlin brought this as sugar-free. Preeta wonders why Sherlin would do this, there must be a reason. Dadi ji tells Preeta that Sherlin is jealous of her, she dislikes her and Rishab’s friendship. Shrishti agrees that Rishab and everyone from his family are always Preeta’s side, she is sure Sherlin is behind this all. She was even angry at booking of their hall. She wanted to degrade Preeta in sight of Rishab and his family. Preeta remembers Sherlin’s attitude towards her. She agrees they are all right, there is a lot about Sherlin that she doesn’t understand. Shrishti says she is aware her and Rishab’s friendship is pure, Sherlin must be really jealous. She also doesn’t understand why Sherlin’s mother and Kareena hadn’t eaten. Preeta was determined to make Sherlin accept her sin.
There, Sherlin was happy that Rakhi was in this trouble. A nurse comes to calm them all down as Rakhi is fine. Sherlin gets a call. Mr. Luthra goes to sit with Rakhi. Karan takes Dadi inside. Sherlin takes a leave from Rishab as her mother is calling, when she turns around she scolds someone on the phone for being restless.
In the jail, Sarla cries for being helpless for her daughters. She could never do anything for her daughters. She wonders why they were caught in such a problem, there is surely someone who couldn’t see them happy. She prays for her daughters.
Outside Sherlin moves towards the flash of car light. The man in the car hurts her with the door of his car and holds her finger. Sherlin turns away from him saying she hates him. the man laughs aloud and takes Sherlin into his car.
Preeta comes to Luthra’s house, she goes inside asking about Sherlin. Kareena interrupts what she is doing here, and what she has to do with Sherlin. Preeta tells her to let her speak to Sherlin, then she will reply to her. Kareena says Sherlin has left for home already, she belongs to a well charactered family. Preeta replies one’s character isn’t determined by the time they are out of home. She leaves. Kareena was worried as she could see something in Preeta’s eyes.

PRECAP: Preeta was worried about how to bring Sarla home.

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