Amaya Episode 125 Update on Sunday 4th February 2018

Amaya Episode 125 Update on Sunday 4th February 2018

Cesar is really furious and he calls Amaya to meet him in a special place to give her a surprise and Amaya wonders what it is but she decides to go if not Cesar will start suspecting she had something with Max and same vein, Cesar thinks about Amaya’s statement “thinking about Cesar’s hands around her makes her feel like vomiting” and it hurts him more than anything in the world and he continues to shed tears over that.
Upon Amaya reaching his apartment, he takes her by force, hurting not only her body but her sensitivity and integrity. Amaya then defends herself with fury uselessly and she mentions that she will denounce him for the rape and he also promises to kill Max if he complains to him for what he did.

Ulises arranges to have a photographer take several pictures of Mariana in order to have a forged passport made for her. She then pretends well to collaborate so that he lets her leave her bedroom.

Constanza keeps on being extremely nice to Max so that he stops trying to go back to Amaya.
Horacio is still ill-speaking of Amaya to Valeria now that she insists on sending her to the United States to protect her, and Horacio always appears as the victim in the sight of his daughter.
Manuel agrees with the reasons Mauro has to divorce Lucrecia.
On Lucrecia’s part, she tries uselessly to seduce her husband to let him forget about the divorce.
Juliana takes off her engagement and wedding rings ready to start a new life with Jorge.
Amaya in deep tears goes to inform Carolina about the rape and she consoles her and asks her to go report Cesar but she says she wishes to do that but Cesar threatens that he will kill Max if she did and that is why she can’t.
Heriberto sends a flower to Flavia every day anonymously and Salvador keeps on trying to court her.
Mauro promises Lucio that they will always be together even if he and Lucrecia get a divorce.
Amaya continuously thinks about Cesar’s warning and threats of killing Max if she dares report him for raping her and she cries unceasingly.

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