Gangaa Episode 27–28 Update on Monday 29th January 2018

Gangaa Episode 27–28 Update on Monday 29th January 2018

Ganga tells Moti not to trouble Amma ji like that. He stops and sits back. She asks him if he will like it if Amma ji takes bath again. Don’t trouble her again. She pats his head and tells him to go. He leaves quietly. The kids run away as well. Amma ji is relieved but they both have to take bath again as the dog has touched both of them.
Maharaj ji, maid and Madhvi are busy cleaning the storeroom. Maharaj ji tells them that it was a cat that did all this. Everything is ruined. he curses the cat. Madhvi stops him. Niranjan asks them about what happened.
Amma ji is irked seeing the foreigners wearing short clothes while she is doing her puja / bath.
The kids are told to eat outside today. She gives money to Pulkit to buy breakfast from outside. They are leaving just when Amma ji and Ganga are returning home. They wonder why the kids left so early. Maharaj ji tells Amma ji about the cat, it spoiled all the food. Amma ji scolds him for he dint listen to her yester night. Niranjan is against wasting so much food. So many people yearn for food every day. You will throw away this much food just because a cat ate bits of it? Amma ji talks about the rule of Brahmins / Chaturvedi House. Maharaj ji tells everyone that Madhvi was the last person who had gone to the storeroom yesterday. Madhvi remembers it well that she had locked the door properly. Maharaj ji doubts that she might have forgotten about it as she was a little tensed yesterday. Amma ji scolds her for being careless. Niranjan too looks at her quietly. Ganga wonders if she should tell the truth that Madhvi ji is innocent. They will scold Sagar otherwise.
Sudha comes there with the other widows. The ladies go inside along with Amma ji and Ganga.
Niranjan is surprised that Madhvi can be so careless. It is not about money but I don’t like wasting food. He leaves for the court. Madhvi is in tears.
Madhvi gives money and the list of all the stuff that is to be bought to Maharaj ji. How could I make such a big mistake? Such a huge loss because of me, I wonder where my mind is these days! Prabha overhears her muttering to herself. What happened? Why do you look so sad? She seeks Madhvi’s help in filling up a form. Yash will have to study in a government school now. Your brother’s promotion stopped. How to arrange Yash’s fees now! Madhvi gives her money. You have my swear that you wont refuse it. Yash will study in the same school where he is studying right now. Prabha starts acting again. your brother’s self respect will be hurt. Madhvi continues to insist. I will talk to my brother in case he finds out about it. Prabha reasons that there are a lot many expenses too other than this. I have lost my sleep because of this. Madhvi too is worried about the same. She then tells Prabha about yester night’s incident. I am so helpless. I cannot see my brother in pain and neither can I do anything for him. Ganga notices her crying. She feels bad.
Ganga feels bad that it all happened because she was hungry. Everyone is angry with Madhvi ji, including Babu. I cannot tell anyone about it as Sagar will be scolded badly. He is so concerned about me. She recalls Amma ji scolding Madhvi. This will continue if I don’t speak the truth now. It is all my mistake. She remembers how Madhvi takes care of her. She is so good. This isn’t right that she gets scolded for no reason. I will tell everything to Amma ji right away.
Amma ji is reading a holy book. She speaks about the power of truth. Whoever is truthful, is the greatest person on earth. Ganga confesses her crime before Amma ji and all the ladies. Bahu ji had locked the storeroom yester night. There was no cat. She takes the blame on herself. Amma ji deduces that Ganga had gone there to eat mathri. How dare you go there? Sudha points out that Ganga feels ashamed of eating what people give to the widows (as in alms) but can steal and eat. Ganga declines stealing anything. She gets the mathri’s from under her bedding. The mathri’s are intact. I haven’t eaten any of them. Sudha angrily tells her to be quiet. Who would have counted it? You are a liar. Amma ji is irked that Ganga stole them as she was told not to eat it. The sooner you control your tongue, the better. Sudha suggests her not to waste her time on this arrogant girl. She is not going to change. Amma ji vows to make it happen at any cost. Sudha suggests her to make Ganga keep a (nirjala) fast as it is Ekadashi tomorrow. Epi ends on Ganga’s face.
Amma ji likes Sudha’s idea. Ganga too will keep a fast tomorrow with all of us. You wont eat anything starting from tomorrow (sunrise) till day after tomorrow (sunrise). You wont even drink water. This will be your punishment. Sudha is happy with Ganga’s punishment and stares at her. Pishi Ma is against it though. You must not make a little girl do a fast like that. It is very tough. Amma ji (Kanta) wants to teach a lesson to Ganga. You don’t get heaven without dying. Similarly, you wont gain any sense without going through some pain.
From that fast she will understand what we have learnt in our life. She is not a special girl. Satsang is over because of Ganga. She leaves. The other widows too hold different different opinions about Ganga. Sudha points out to Ganga that this is what happens when you steal and eat. Ganga retorts that she didn’t steal. Sudha cannot understand why Ganga is so stubborn. You wont accept your mistake even! She recalls Ganga’s reaction last time at the widow’s orphanage when she had refused to accept her mistake and apologize to Sudha. Only your address has changed. Rest is all same. You are so hot headed even in this age. No problem, you will be on track tomorrow after staying hungry / thirsty for the entire day. Have you done something like that before? Can you dare to do so? Ganga says don’t talk about my capabilities Sudha Bua (which obviously shocks Sudha). If you can do it then I too can do it. It’s no big deal. Sudha stares at her wide eyed.
Maharaj ji has brought all the new stuff for storeroom. He tells the maid to count the number of sacks. They talk about the rising prices and how only rich people (like Chaturvedi’s) can afford to buy it all over again. Sagar returns home. He overhears their convo. Maid points out to Maharaj ji that it was just a cat. Bahu ji had to listen to so much because you shouted and called out to everyone. Sagar is shocked to know that his mother was scolded. By whom? Maid takes Amma ji and Niranjan’s name. It all happened because she (Madhvi) forgot to lock the storeroom. Sagar runs inside. Maharaj ji scolds Maid for gossiping around all the time.
Sagar questions his Dadi. Why did you scold my mother? Amma ji says I have every right to scold my DIL. Sagar tells her everything. It was not either mom’s or Ganga’s fault. I was the thief. Ganga told me against it yet I insisted. You can scold / beat / punish me but don’t say anything to my mother. Mom had locked the storeroom. It was me who stole the key from the kitchen and opened the lock. Amma ji signals him to be quiet and takes him to his room. Once inside, Sagar tells her everything in detail. Mom knows nothing. It was I who did everything. Why did you scold her then? Amma ji tells him not to share this with anyone else. Sagar wants to know why but she says I am saying it for your welfare only. No one should find out that you are the culprit. You made a mistake and I forgave you as you are my darling. Niranjan will scold you like anything. He is in a very bad mood already. We had to throw away so much food and now this! He wont spare you. this is why I am telling you keep quiet. Pretend that you know nothing. Niranjan should not find out anyhow that you are behind it.
Niranjan returns home and is angry. 3 meetings were cancelled because of the movement of stars? People don’t care about other people’s time. Raghav tries to calm him down but in vain. Madhvi and Prabha notice him thus. She goes to make tea once Raghav ji agrees to it. Prabha leaves for her home. Niranjan gets a call from the same client but does not want to talk to him. Raghav ji explains that Mr. Singh is the top industrialist of this city. We cannot behave like this with him. Niranjan knows all about Mr. Singh’s journey to the top. I am not angry about him cancelling the meeting thrice. I am angry because of the case. Call him and tell him right away that I wont fight this case. Raghav ji says there are other ways to say no. This reaction won’t appeal to Mr. Singh. Madhvi brings tea but Niranjan walks away saying he doesn’t want it. Raghav ji respects Niranjan for his values and ideals but you have to be extra careful and diplomatic when you talk to rich people so they don’t feel bad. Madhvi says you know I don’t interfere in his work. He nods. But you are the only one who can make him understand. You can say no calmly and politely too. There is no surety about these rich people. Why become enemies with someone for no reason? Madhvi agrees to try and talk to her husband once.
Niranjan is talking to someone on phone about car repair. Madhvi comes there while Ganga stands outside the room. Madhvi keeps the tea cup on the table and straightens his kurta’s collar. She tries to find out what is troubling him. he retorts that nothing will happen even if he tells her. You wont understand it. Madhvi says what Raghav ji had told her. It isn’t right to refuse someone straightaway. This angers Niranjan. Now you will tell me what I should do? Stop worrying about me and focus on your work. So much food (grains, etc) wouldn’t have been wasted today if you were a little careful! Focus on your responsibilities first. Go away. Madhvi is in tears. Ganga is sad to see them fighting. She immediately runs up to her Babu. Please don’t scold Bahu ji. She is not at fault yet everyone is scolding her only. See, she is crying so much. Niranjan tells her to go away but Ganga speaks up the truth. I had gone to the storeroom yester night. I told everything to Amma ji too. They look at her in surprise. Scold me but please don’t say anything to Bahu ji. Madhvi and Niranjan ask her if she had gone to the storeroom. Ganga says I never lie. Madhvi again asks her if she was the one who opened the lock and stole some stuff from there. Ganga is all quiet. Niranajn cannot believe it that a girl like her, for whom self respect is everything, can do something like that. You are lying. He takes Ganga downstairs with him. Madhvi follows them.
Niranjan brings Ganga to the storeroom. Tell me why you had come here? Ganga says I was hungry. I had come here to eat mathri’s. They notice the jar kept on the top shelf. Niranjan wants Ganga to show him how she reached out for the jar. Ganga climbs up an oil container but still cannot get hold of the jar. Niranjan deduces that Ganga was not alone yester night. Someone else was with you. you dint get it on your own. Agreed that you came here, but with whom? Who are you trying to save? Tell me the name of that person. Ganga stands there silently. Niranjan turns to Madhvi. You had a problem with Ganga, who cannot think ill of anyone. She is quiet so Sagar or Pulkit are safe. She is sad because you got scolded for no reason. She took all the blame on herself and even told the same to Amma ji so no one is angry with you. And you? Madhvi realises her mistake. Niranjan leaves from there.
Madhvi is touched by Ganga’s act. Ganga wipes her tears. You don’t cry or I too will start crying. Madhvi hugs her.
Precap: Madhvi tells Ganga that Amma ji is ready to forgive her but she has a condition. You will have to apologize to her. Ganga says I can apologize to her 100 times if I am wrong. But I will not apologize just for the sake of it when I am not at fault. Amma ji has overheard it. Look at this girl’s stubbornness. She will have to keep a fast now, come what may!

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