Kumkum and Kundali Bhagya Update on Wednesday 3rd December 2017


The Episode starts with Pragya telling NGO Women that she knows everyone and shows Sarla and her family pics. She tells that even she knows the pandit’s name who has performed their marriage and tells his name. Dadi says she is right. Pragya tells that when they got married, their pic was published in the newspaper and shows the newspaper cutting. Aaliya and Tanu get convinced that she is Munni and trying to enter home by telling this info. Abhi refuses to believe that she is pragya and says whatever she is showing is Pragya and his memories. Dasi says she is fooling you people. Aaliya tells that anybody can tell this and must have gathered this info. NGO woman says they are with Pragya. Aaliya says she is Munni and says she has proofs. She asks NGO woman to let her talk to Munni. She threatens
her. NGO woman tells that you can’t do this. Aaliya tells that she is exploiting my brother and says such woman is a curse and badmouths about Pragya. Woman says it is clear that you are playing this entire game to kick bhabhi out so that she can get brother’s property and rule in his house.
Aaliya says you have no right to say this. NGO Woman goes on telling Aaliya’s plan which is right actually, and says she looks like TV shows vamp. Aaliya asks her to mind her tongue. Mitali asks Tai ji to see her face and says she is thinking to join NGO. Tai ji asks her to be silent. NGO woman says such girls don’t get marry as they don’t want to leave lavish life. Aaliya scolds them and asks can’t you see that this woman is fraud and these documents is of Abhi and Pragya. They ask her to show the proofs that she is not Pragya. NGO Woman asks her not to say a word else they will not leave her.
Aaliya asks them to understand and says this girl is a fake. She says my brother had married Pragya and not Munni. Woman says her face resembles exactly with that of Pragya. Other woman asks her to proof that she is not Pragya and until then you have to keep her in your house. Abhi says enough and says this is not my Pragya, she is a fake and all these proofs too. Pragya gets sad and says she has shown all proofs. NGO Woman says you are doing bad with her and says he shall have some humanity. She asks Pragya to leave them. Pragya says how can I leave this house as this is my house. She tells that she has Dadi here, and also Abhi whom she got married too. Abhi says I will call Police now. Raj asks him to call Police. NGO Woman says we have already called Police and they might be reaching. She says we had called Police before hand. Mitali says they were clever and called Police.
Woman asks Pragya to leave such family and says they will not love you. Pragya says where I will go, as this is my house and family. Woman says he is shameless to have your sautan at home. Pragya says I will live and die with him. Abhi asks her to get out. Woman asks him to stop his drama and says even she has right to stay here and asks him to divorce her if he don’t like her, and says if you harm her then we will not leave you. Abhi says I will kick her out surely. Woman says you can’t behave this way. Abhi says I don’t care, but I will not let her stay here. Lady Police Inspector comes there. Pragya tells Inspector that they are trying to kick her out of house. Lady Police Inspector she will stay here until your divorce happens with her. She says if you touch her then I will arrest you all and this girl have police protection, and she will stay here until her divorce happens. She asks him to leave Pragya’s hand.
Shrishti listens to Kareena and asks if she is done now. She says she is well aware she brought the best options, Kareena is only rejecting this only to revenge her. She holds egos against her and her sister, she deters to ruin her reputation in the market. Kareena says she has a position in the industry and can ruin her career. Shrishti says she made a video of her, she can make it viral in her high society; if this is heard by wedding planners, no one would work with her. She warns Kareena not to trouble her anymore. She calms herself down and tells her to text her choice within in the next hour. Kareena throws everything down the floor, furious about how dare she talked to her.
Sherlin reaches the restaurant and wonders why Rishab didn’t come. Rishab was in the presentation not listening
to Sameer at all, his client stops him for some questions but he was unable to focus on anything.
Sherlin complains her mom that she never waited for any guy but Rishab hasn’t reached the restaurant yet. Her mother scolds her for discussing about her past, she must focus on her future. She must only think about him now. Preeta reaches the restaurant, she tells Sherlin that Rishab will reach soon as she was stuck in a meeting. Sherlin question what she is doing hers. Preeta says Rashi wanted her to be here, she says when she went to her first date with Deepak her sister was there with her. Sherlin was relieved Preeta was engaged to Deepak. Rishab reaches the restaurant, Rashi calls him to wish him luck. Sherlin asks Preeta if she must marry Rishab, it’s a great decision of life. Preeta says she must, he is responsible, caring, a gentleman and respects ladies. Sherlin says she never met Rishab a lot and must trust Preeta. Preeta was sure her point of view would change. Rishab comes to restaurant, he was shocked to see Sherlin there and thinks she must be Preeta’s friend. Girls can’t take theirdecisions alone, they need their friends to approve of them. he goes to impress Preeta. Rishab comes to meet them and brings out a rose from his pocket. Sherlin was excited and says if he gives this to her, she would tell him what Preeta said about him. Rishab apologizes for the party, he didn’t know who Sherlin was. Sherlin says to Rishab she knows everything about him, does he like her? Rishab only smiles looking towards Preeta.
Karan was coming downstairs, he calls Malishka. Karan reaches the restaurant and join them. He greets Sherlin and introduces her as his college mate. He tells Sherlin he is here only because of Rishab today. Karan now whispers to Preeta if she went behind his brother now, Preeta tells him to shut his mouth up now. They throw a fork, and both get down the table arguing. They finally sit up smiling, Karan teases him with his step. Preeta forcefully steps over his show, Preeta warns Karan not to tease her any further, else she would tell Rishab about having an affair with him. Karan spots Malishka enter the restaurant, he takes a leave. Preeta says a bye to him.
In the restaurant, the manager asks to play a couple game. Preeta writes, her family is the most important for her, Rishab writes the same; Sherlin selects her mom. The next question was, what they can’t break, Preeta and Rishab writes Promise, Sherlin chooses deadlines. Hence all the answers match, Preeta and Rishab are announced as winner couple. The manager congratulates them. Sherlin interferes saying in this restaurant, all tables are pre booked and one was booked for them as well. Rishab is going to engage her and not Preeta. She says Preeta is a worker in their place. Preeta also agrees saying she is only a friend who came to make sure they like each other.

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