Kumkum and Kundali Bhagya Episode 971 Update on Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Kumkum and Kundali Bhagya Episode 971 Update on Tuesday 2nd January 2018

She says if she is lying then thunderstorm will fall on her. Mitali asks others to move from there. NGO Woman asks Abhi to accept Pragya and says he must have badmouthed about her, but the thing about lookalike is not going down our neck. Other woman asks Abhi to accept her if he don’t want to go to court. Abhi says she is not Pragya. Pragya says she is hi Pragya and fuggi. Woman says only wife can do this.
Abhi is surprised and says even my fans know this. Pragya says she
knows her family and tells Tanu is her sautan. NGO Woman says you didn’t tell that you have sautan too. Pragya says her nanand Aaliya wants Tanu to marry Abhi and that’s why thrown her out of house. Aaliya says she is Pragya’s lookalike. Pragya says she is tortured much by Aaliya. NGO Woman asks her to show the proofs. Abhi asks her to bring. Pragya says I can’t prove that you are parmeshwar, but can prove that you are my Pati. She goes to room, and sees cards and fuggi doll on bed. Main Tumko Bhool Na plays….she says don’t know how you have spent the night and says today she will keep the fast and they will be unite. She hugs Abhi toy. Tanu says she is Pragya. Aaliya asks her not to start again. Tanu says if she is munni then why she will come. She says she is Pragya and needs just Abhi. Aaliya asks her not to disturb and let her think what to do.
Dadi introduces herself. NGO Woman greets her. Dadi says you are doing injustice with us. Dasi says our Pragya is missing since many days. Dasi says our Pragya is educated, but she is illiterate. Mitali says she talks to us in villagers’ accent. Raj, Taya ji, others give statement against Pragya. NGO woman tells that no two people have same face and tells that you wants your grand son to marry your daughter’s friend. She says you can’t throw her out without any reason. Abhi asks Dadi to sit and says let her bring proofs. Pragya brings proofs. Aaliya thinks so many proofs and thinks she might expose me. Tanu says how did she know where these stuffs are kept and says it is proved that she is Pragya. Pragya shows marriage pic. NGO woman says he is looking good.
Pragya shows the award which they got in the party and says Dadi blessed them after they came. She shows marriage certificate and says Dadi asked them to keep it safely like keeping mangalsutra. Dadi says she said. Pragya says she also remembers the date when she got the certificate and tells the date. She shows the marriage photos also.
Preeta watches her photo album and wish Deepak was a better person and she could fulfil the last wish of Deepak.

There, Deepak rejects a girl for marriage proposal. He tells his mother he can’t marry Pooja, he apologizes Pooja as he loves Preeta and only wants to marry her.
Shrishti hurries to leave for work. She comes outside and hears Sarla arguing bankers but they weren’t ready to give her any more time. Preeta feels bad for Sarla and wish to help her. Shrishti was happy Sarla is in tension, as she tensed them last night.
There, at Luthra house Rashi discuss with Kareena that Sherlin’s mother called her. She says Sherlin is a bit confused taking Rishab and wants to go for a date with him. Kareena says Rishab would never agree if he knows he is going to be judged for marriage.
Rashi assures she would handle it, as she got a solution for this.
Rishab comes from bath. Karan was there in his room and congratulates Rishab for getting such a high profile girl. Rishab thinks about Preeta and says he respects her a lot. When Karan has left Rishab wonders why Karan sounded as if speaking about someone else.
Rashi asks Preeta to make Rishab up and take her for date with Sherlin. She finds Kareena scolding a servant and sends Preeta to give juice to Rishab. Preeta tells Dadi to finish her breakfast, she will be back to her. Kareena warns that Rashi would bear the consequences of such closeness between Preeta and Rashi. Rashi ignores her and takes Dadi for medicine. Kareena dislikes her confidence.
Preeta was worried how she would speak to Rishab about the date, it’s a personal issue. Karan comes from front and hits her, the juice fell off. They have an argument about Preeta always mingling with him. Preeta runs towards the room and hits Rishab. She notices Rishab selecting from a whole pile of clothes. She selects a formal dress for him. Rishab thinks how Rashi came to convince him for marriage and said his wife would always help him select his dresses. Preeta thanks Rishab for agreeing to marry. Rishab asks if she is as happy about the proposal as he is, Preeta replies without any doubt she is. She asks Rishab for a date, Rishab says he heard Rashi calling to her. He tells her to share the timings, he will look after the arrangements. Kritika comes to discuss Preeta with some arrangements of wedding. Rishab comes at the door and signals for Preeta’s consent about the dress, she gives a thumbs up. Rishab passes on and Karan comes in his place when Kritika looks there. She thinks it must be Karan Preeta was signaling at.
Deepak’s father asks him what he thought, and questions why he had broken the engagement earlier. Deepak says she went mad at the time, but it was a mistake. Preeta was pretty and educated. Everyone fancied to marry her, and he will make her apologize them for all her misbehavior about their demand for dowry. Deepak tells his mother he has applied for jobs in Mumbai, he will go there and blackmail Preeta and convince her to marry him.
Shrishti comes to Kareena’s room with flower samples and color combos, Kareena calls the choices as third, middle class. She tells her to take all this, as they seem to have been chosen from road side designs, also deterring to dismiss Vandy from her job.
Sameer was leaving home speaking on phone. Rishab’s father stops him and tells him to take rest, its not his age to take such business stress. Preeta hears this. When Sameer had left out of Rishab’s fear, Preeta says he is like her father, he also used to say the same. He asks Preeta to call her father, he would speak to him right now. Preeta breaks into cry as her father is no more. Mr. Luthra tells her not to cry, parent’s never leaves children’s side.
Rashi tells Preeta to leave with the driver, she has already booked a table for them.

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