Kumkum and Kundali Bhagya Update on Friday 29th December 2017

Kumkum and Kundali Bhagya Update on Friday 29th December 2017
The Episode starts with Aaliya blaming Tanu for giving stress to Abhi and for his accident. Tanu says it was her plan too. They come to the hospital. Aaliya blames everyone for not informing her and says she is his sister. Tanu blames Munni. Dasi asks them to be quiet. Doctor comes out. Raj asks how is the patient? Aaliya says she is his sister and Tanu says she is his girl friend. Doctor says driver is so rich. Dasi says we came to know just now. Pragya collides with Abhi and thinks he is fine. Abhi doesn’t see her and sits to pick medicine. Pragya hides. He gives medicine to nurse. Dadi thanks god for saving him. Abhi says my Pragya is also praying for me. Aaliya says Bhai needs security.
Abhi asks driver, how is he? Driver says he is fine and tells Abhi that you have many people’s
blessings. Dadi says my blessing is with you too and you will be fine. Abhi says he will take care of medical expenses. Pragya prays to God and asks him to show some sign and idea. She asks how to reach back Abhi and stay with him, says until she gets to know about Munni, she can’t return. She asks God to help him and to give her strength to protect her kumkum. Aaliya scolds Mitali for fooling them. Mitali says I said that Abhi’s car met with an accident, and you had disconnected my call before hearing fully. She says when Tai ji tried to tell you, you didn’t hear her. Abhi is paying at the reception. A mysterious woman eyes him and says he is saved again. She calls the truck driver and threatens him. Truck driversays he didn’t know that he called his driver. Woman says Abhi will not be saved again.
Doctor asks Nurse about finding about Munni’s relatives. Nurse says they couldn’t know. Pragya is in the same hospital and collides with the nurse, but don’t see Munni. She hopes to meet Munni soon and end Aaliya’s drama.
Abhi thinks he shall keep the room clean like Pragya used to keep it clean. Purab comes there. Abhi asks when did you come? Purab says I came when you was looking at Pragya’s stuff. He tells that the girl is Pragya and not someone else. He says he has a reason for this. Abhi says Munni’s chapter is finished and says now he will have to search his fuggi and he knows that she is fine and waiting for him. Purab tries to tell him, but he don’t listen to him and goes. Purab thinks this is happening because of Aaliya.
He comes to Aaliya’s room. Aaliya is surprised and says you would have told me that you are coming here and says she would have got ready. Purab asks her to stop it and says he don’t have proofs against her, but he is sure that she is Pragya and not Munni. Aaliya asks him to proof. Purab says lets see.

In the room, Karan was worried about his and Preeta’s rumors.

He finds her keychain in his room and decides not to think about her. He calls another girl and asks her to meet him. He lay down again and thinks about jerking her thoughts away, he wish Rishab dismiss her from his job.
Preeta and Shrishti return home. Dadi opens the door and was worried. Shrishti asks Dadi why she looks tensed, Dadi turns to face Sarla. Sarla stops the girls from entering the house. She asks if Preeta knows who Tannu is. Preeta says Tannu said something about bring the second lady, Sarla says Tannu is the one who tried to kill Pragya and snatch Abhi from Pragya; and she asked her about help. Preeta says she only knew Sarla needed help. Sarla cries saying Preeta called Tannu, Tannu called her later and told her
to rub her nose into her feet and accept her as Abhi’s wife, even then she wouldn’t get the money. Sarla says there has been so many times Kumkum Bhagya was mortgaged, she was worried that Tannu would call much names to Pragya now. Shrishti now interferes and says they wanted to thank her for her help, they thought her a mother by mistake. Today, she proved she is a stone hearted mother for them and can’t think about anyone but Pragya. She takes Preeta inside. Dadi asks Sarla if she is now relieved. Sarla was worried that Tannu has troubled Pragya a lot. And if they consider her a mother, doesn’t she hold a right to scold them.
In the room, Shrishti offers water to Preeta and says she was shouting at them so badly, nothing would affect her and make her love them. Preeta says she only thought about her problem. Shrishti says they are still standing where they started off today, she asks Preeta’s promise that they are enough for each other.
In the room, Rishab was smiling as he thought about Preeta’s proposal. He thinks about calling Preeta then stops himself, he feels excited and calms himself by drinking water. He decides to dial once, still prevents himself. He finally lay down to sleep and tells him to hold his emotions, he isn’t a teenager. She trusts him a lot, he must ask her tomorrow if he likes her or not.
Sarla comes to girl’s room and finds them sleeping she shuts the curtains. Preeta places her hand over Sarla’s as she corrects her blanket. Sarla sits there for a while. Preeta wakes up when she had left and wakes Shrishti up. Sarla hears Preeta telling Shrishti that she dreamt of Maa who even loved her. Shrishti was not interested.
The next morning, Rashi greets Karan as he returns from practice. Karan complains Rishab pushed him out early morning. Rashi says Rishab would be busy in his life in a few days, now Karan must also select a girl for him. Karan thinks about getting away. Rashi tells Karan that Preeta talked to Rishab about getting married. Karan says Preeta can’t marry Rishab at all. Kritika was coming downstairs and thinks this means Karan really likes Preeta. Rashi says Rishab agreed to marry Sherlin, not Preeta. Karan was excited and hugs Rashi. Rashi gets a call from Sherlin’s mother.
Shrishti was watching the album. Preeta tells her to hurry as she will get late for work. Shrishti says she firstly has to go to their house, then for decoration shopping. Shrishti reminds she had arranged for Preeta’s engagement. Preeta gets saddened. Shrishti asks why she gets sad at the name of Deepak. Preeta says Deepak was their Papa’s last wish for her, she couldn’t fulfil even that. Shrishti says Deepak was greedy for money, he never realized what he lost. Rishab was excited to see Preeta as he selects the dress.

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