Kumkum and Kundali Bhagya Update: Abhi Shocked to See Kids Calling Pragya, Munni On Wednesday 20th December 2017

Kumkum and Kundali Bhagya Update: Abhi Shocked to See Kids Calling Pragya, Munni On Wednesday 20th December 2017

The Episode starts with Munni meeting with an accident when running on road to reach Tanu’s car. People gather there. Tanu sees people gathering and thinks they have waste time, but I don’t have and have to reach Mehra Mansion. Everyone looks for moon. Mitali says moon is hidden now. Dadi says it is a good shagun and tells whenever husband goes out, wife waits for him and when he returns, wife gets happy and likewise when moon will appear, all wives wait will end and the love will last longer. She says today moon is playing hide and seek and asks them to wait. Mitali says moon haven’t told us when it will come. Dasi says I have a good idea to wait and calls women playing dhol. They all dance.
Aaliya is in the car and calls Tanu. Tanu picks the call. Aaliya asks why did you pick kids
from hostel. Tanu says kids were missing Munni. Aaliya says if you bring kids here, then Abhi will kick us out. Tanu says when I asked you for help, you asked me to do whatever I want to and don’t eat your brain. She says now she don’t care and can’t bear to see Abhi and Munni’s closeness. Aaliya thinks she has gone mad and asks where is she? Tanu says she has taken shortcut and will be reaching there. Aaliya thinks what to do? If she exposes Munni then. I have to reach home before her. Tanu comes home and asks kids to come and meet Munni. Chutka and Chutki gets happy. Aaliya comes and sees Tanu’s car already there. She gets tensed and gets inside. Abhi asks everyone to stop dancing and asks what you all are doing? Dadi asks what happened? Abhi says all wives have kept fast for their husbands then they shall dance with them. Dadi says aww….All husbands and wives dance with each other. Abhi and Pragya also dance. Karam khudaya hai plays while they dance. He lifts her and dances with her.
All wives stand infront of their husbands to break their fast. They do their husbands’ aarti. Abhi looks at Pragya as she does his aarti. She sees Abhi through the mesh. Dadi prays for them. Abhi makes her have water. Tanu asks Dasi where is everyone? Dasi says they are on terrace and taunts her. She asks who are these kids. Kids tell their name. Tanu says they are bomb which will explode. She says she will expose Munni. Abhi and Pragya ask each other to have sweets. Abhi asks her to have it first, but as she insists, he says we will have together. Tanu gets jealous and asks kids to go to Munni. Kids run to Pragya and call her Munni Maasi. They say they used to cry and don’t want to have food. They ask if she don’t miss them. Aaliya comes inside and asks Robin where is Tanu? He says she went to terrace with kids. Aaliya gets tensed. Kids ask her why did you leave us and says now they will stay with her. Pragya is surprised and shocked and thinks who brought these kids here.
Kids ask why didn’t you come and meet us, we used to cry for you daily. We will not return to that hostel again. Tanu thinks her plan is super success because of these kids. Chutka asks why did you separateyourself with us. Chutki asks do you want to go far from us like Maa and Papa. Abhi asks who are these kids and why they are calling you Maasi. Pragya says I will tell you and thinks what to tell. Chutka says whenever we insist to talk to you, we get scolded many times. Pragya thinks who brought them here, and thinks Aaliya will not do this.

Tannu tells Preeta if Sarla accepts her as Abhi’s wife, she might get pity over her. Preeta fumes over her. Tannu tells Preeta that woman isn’t worth all her concern, Preeta shuts her up for saying another word against Sarla. Preeta cries for not being able to help her mother. Rashi comes there and finds her crying, she tells Preeta to speak to Rishab by tonight as Sherlin is coming for the party.
In the room, Rishab and Sameer were selecting dress.
Sameer taunts Rishab takes more time than girls do, he was irritated as it’s been one and a half hour now. He walks out of the room silently. Preeta comes in then. Rishab cheers watching her. Preeta suggests the blue dress for him, it would suit him well. Preeta says she feels every person needs a companion to solve some problems of his life,
whom you can share everything. She says it must be someone who can take care of you when you are broken; and at this point of life it can’t be a mother. Rishab qualifies it can be a friend like her only. Preeta says it’s a life partner, who shares her life with him. She says it feels he is in the right age to get married, her father always said if the right age passes by we don’t feel the happiness. Rishab says he finds his mother’s shadow in whatever she is saying. Preeta agrees Rashi told her to speak to him, but she is speaking to him because she considers herself a well-wisher. It’s her right to do something for him, may it be to show the right path. She says there would be a person with him to give him consent at any time of life. Doesn’t he feel excited about it? Rishab says he won’t mind if the partner is like the picture she created. Preeta cheers saying she would tell his mother, she would be really happy. Rishab conditions he will only get married if partner is like her. She nods and cheerfully leaves. Rishab wonders where he would find a girl like her.
In the room, Rashi was happy and thankful to Preeta and prays for her happiness. Preeta wish Rashi has selected a nice girl for Rishab. Rashi says Kareena has selected a girl for Rishab, Kareena’s decision is never wrong. She says Sherlin and Rishab will meet each other in tonight’s party and asks her about help.
Rishab was ready wearing the dress Preeta selected.
Rashi was weepy and says her family always joked about her for wanting to make Rishab marry. She says she wasn’t hopeless and promises Preeta a diamond set. Preeta says only her blessings are enough. She says Kratika wanted a special dress for her, they brought it. Preeta denies but Rashi says gifts aren’t forbidden. Preeta thinks about asking her salary in advance, may be this helps Sarla. She was worried what Sarla must be doing.
At home, Sarla gets a call from Tannu who mocks her helplessness. Sarla says she has heard wrong. Tannu mentions she selected a wrong person Preeta for help. Sarla scolds her not to poke her nose into other’s matters. Tannu asks her to come to her home and apologize touching her feet, only then she would forgive her. Sarla slaps the phone shut and fumes over Preeta for sharing the matter in the world.
Dadi asks Pandit ji about preparations of pooja. She spots Preeta and sends her for getting handkerchief. Shrishti spots Preeta coming towards her and thinks if Preeta watches her here, the whole game would be spoilt. She thinks about hiding herself somewhere. She runs the other side and hits Sameer. Both blame each other. Shrishti finds Preeta approaching and runs the other side. Shrishti hides in Dadi’s room but as Preeta comes in. Shrishti hides inside the bathroom. Preeta looks across the room, Shrishti finds the napkins and hands them to Preeta from behind the door. Preeta asks who is it, she thanks her anyway. Shrishti regrets replying with a welcome. Preeta recognizes the voice and insists on Shrishti to come outside. Shrishti opens the door. Preeta asks if she has gone crazy, why she has hidden inside the washroom. Shrishti tells her to listen to her, she is free to move anywhere here. She tells Preeta she came from the side of wedding planners. Preeta cheers then complains why she didn’t share with her. Shrishti says she enjoyed the game, where she becomes friends with the one who hates her. She confess she made her fall into Rishab’s arms. Preeta charges over Shrishti. Shrishti says Kareena promised her double salary. Preeta says she doesn’t care because they don’t interact directly. Shrishti says the one who doesn’t know their sisterhood would open his heart in front of her. Someone opens the door of the room then.

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