Kumkum and Kundali Bhagya Update: Preeta Suggests to Rishab About Getting Married on Tuesday 19th December

Kumkum and Kundali Bhagya Update: Preeta Suggests to Rishab About Getting Married on Tuesday 19th December
The Episode starts with Tanu coming to meet Chutka and Chutki and tells that she will unite them with Munni maasi. They get happy and hugs her. Tanu thinks she shall be happy when she defeats the rani standing with the raja then only she will get her raja. All the ladies are seated for their karvachauth. Pragya prays for Abhi. Warden asks why Aaliya haven’t come. Tanu says she was busy and that’s why sent me. Warden gets doubtful. Tanu thinks now she will prove Munni’s truth. Pragya thinks where did Tanu go angrily and gets worried. Abhi comes to her and asks what happened. She says she got acidity. Abhi says you can’t have anything or can do some hard work. Pragya says what? Abhi says yoga asanas and asks her to sit so that he can teach her. He asks her to take breath in and out. Pragya
smiles. Abhi asks her to lie down on bed, chill and says he will do the rest. She lie down on the bed. Abhi rotates pillow to give her some air. Pragya thinks she is not afraid of Tanu.
Chutka and Chutki are excited to meet Munni. Tanu thinks once kids meet her, Abhi will kick her and will never see her face again. She thinks shall I surprise her or call her. She then thinks to surprise and shock them. Aaliya thinks to check Disha’s room. Warden calls Aaliya from hostel and tells that Tanu came and took kids from there. Aaliya is shocked and says I told you clearly that nobody can take kids except me. She asks how dare you ? Warden says Tanu used to come here with you and that’s why we let the kids go with her. Aaliya says fine and gets worried, thinks she will not spare Tanu if she brings kids here.
Abhi tells dadi that he will take care of pragya all life. Dadi blesses them. Tanu continues to make plans. Chutka and Chutki asks for water. Tanu buys water and asks shop keeper to keep the change as he don’t have it. Munni is there and sees Chutka and Chutki in car. Shop keeper returns the money to Tanu when she is about to start the car. Munni sees Tanu and runs behind the car.
Abhi tries to get romantic with Pragya. Pragya says she is feeling thirsty. Abhi asks her to drink water. Pragya says until moon comes, she will not have anything. Mitali tells that moon appeared. Abhi asks Pragya to come. Tai ji tells Taya ji that she is hungry. Taya ji teases her for having popcorn. Mitali informs them that moon came. Tayi ji gets happy. Munni is running behind Tanu’s car and thinks once she gets her kids, Pragya and she will take revenge from them.
Chutka and Chutki are happy to meet Munni. Tanu asks them to sit quietly else she will drop them back to hostel. Tanu is about to see Munni when she stops car at the signal, but couldn’t and thinks it seems she is going to get Abhi. Meanwhile Munni meets with an accident as she is coming near Tanu’s car.
Rashi was worried about Kareena’s decision. Dadi insists Kareena has always taken a good decision for the family.
At night, Preeta wakes up and doesn’t find Shrishti in the bed. She comes out to look for her. Sarla was crying in front of Bee ji saying she can’t think about a way, she only got a week else will lose Kumkum Bhagya. Preeta hears this. Sarla tells Bee ji their living depend upon hall. Bee ji gets choking. Preeta comes to the room and feels angry that Sarla got a good lesson, she herself was asking for money from them. She then watches the other side of the picture, and wonders what if they are already short of money. Three lacs is a big amount, and thinks it’s because of Sarla they are living under a roof. She decides to do whatever is possible and will help her mother.
Sarla comes at the door of kitchen and watches Shrishti eating in the kitchen, she speaks to herself that her mother is really bitter but cooks well. Sarla thinks about doing anything for Kumkum Hall, she has two more daughters to bring up. She must do anything for them.
The next morning, Dadi was doing her exercise. Rishab watches her and greets her with morning. He asks about the miracle today. Dadi tells Rishab she got a call from the Hitler Preeta. Rishab says he didn’t know Preeta hurt her sense of humor as well. Dadi says if she won’t do it Preeta won’t spare her. She tells Rishab she isn’t that bad, Rishab agrees and goes taking a call. The manager says he booked Kumkum Bhagya hall. Rishab thinks about thanking Preeta. He passes by Kratika’s room and finds her speaking to Preeta for help with selection in her dress. He smiles thinking about Preeta.
On the way, Preeta couldn’t hire a bus as she gave twenty rupees to Shrishti. She remembers she had given Shrishti Rs. 20 to buy Vadav pao. She was worried how long she can drag it, she needs money for Shrishti as well. And Sarla and Bee ji are in greater problem than her. She gets a call and says she would soon reach home.
Kareena shows Kratika a necklace, she wasn’t ready to wear it and says it’s old fashioned. Kareena says it’s an antique piece, it will leave people speechless. Kratika wasn’t ready. Kareena leaves angrily. Preeta was running into the room and hits Kareena. Kareena was irritated. Kratika says Kareena wants her to wear this necklace. Preeta wonders how she can be so confused for this necklace, this is so shiny. Kratika says its old fashioned, Preeta insists such jewelry never goes out fashioned. She selects a dress for her as well. Kratika asks her to wear it and show it to her. Preeta denies but Kratika forces her in front of mirror. Karan comes at the door. Kratika asks about his consent, he was left speechless. It was then Karan remembers if someone compliments Preeta she gets irritated. He asks Kratika to keep on wearing the necklace, he has to check it and suggests it’s a bit loose. Kratika goes to take a call. Karan comes to help Preeta and tightens the necklace, she stares towards him. He compliments this necklace looks beautiful; enjoying to tease her. Kratika returns, Karan says this is really nice. She agrees to wear it and sends Karan out of the room. Karan thinks he would get a lot of chances tonight for the revenge. Preeta wonders why he is smiling so much. Rashi comes with some other options for Kratika. Kareena watches Preeta wearing the necklace, she fumes and tells Preeta to remove the necklace. She tells Kratika this necklace suits her a lot. Preeta also appreciates it. Kareena sends her for Dadi’s treatment. Rashi tells Preeta to speak to Rishab as soon as possible.
In the corridor, Preeta gets emotional at how much Kareena loves her children. She thinks a mother and child share only such special relation. She gets weepy about how she would arrange the money for Sarla and decides to call Pragya. There, Pragya wasn’t home and Tanu receives the call. She was happy to hear about Sarla’s problem

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